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Nov 2015
Nov 13 2015 16:34
@kathyonu It seems that your live tests are not actually live. You can check if StripeMock makes calls to Stripe server using Fiddler or other network activity monitor. Also I can say, that 'live' feature of StripeMock supports only several operations:
  • create_plan(params={})
  • delete_plan(plan_id)
  • create_coupon(params={})
  • delete_coupon(id)
    All other features doesn't support live mode. You can check that yourself in test_strategies/live.rb file.
Nov 13 2015 16:49
@mezerny Thank you for that .. and for those new to this gem, the file referred to above is here stripe-ruby-mock/lib/stripe_mock/test_strategies/live.rb
Seems to me that the test_strategies/base.rb file, and the test_strategies/mock.rb file could be expanded to include other methods, other Stripe endpoints. It is good to know what you have pointed out, thank you again.