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Dec 2015
Noman Ur Rehman
Dec 10 2015 12:53
any style guide we need to follow for contributing? ...
Dec 10 2015 18:53
@nomanurrehman Three references for you : and the Rubocop gem to check your code. I recommend running one file at a time with Rubocop until your app is in shape. My first run on the entire app showed 1600 errors! Also, make sure you adjust Rubocop as needed for your usage in its .rubocop.yml config file. One last disclaimer on Rubocop .. do not just blindly change your working code structure because Rubocop says to do so. At times, it will cause your code to not work, so go slow with the changes Rubocop informs you of. Finally, rubocop documentation. Rubocop rocks.