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Jan 2016
Kyle Schutt
Jan 07 2016 17:13
Is there any way to get StripeMock to start outside of FactoryGirl factories? I have tried adding it to before(:suite) but I am still getting objects in my test Stripe account
If I add StripeMock.start after the define block for a factory, it works fine.
Alexander Mamonchik
Jan 07 2016 20:54
@kschutt what o you use rspec/minitest?
as I understand you don’t need to use StripeMock.start in factories. Use test_helper and before() after() for that.
Kyle Schutt
Jan 07 2016 22:45
@alexmamonchik rspec. I needed to but StripeMock.start in the factories. I do have it in test_helper, but I am still seeing the objects being created in the test environment
Another question: When trying to save an invoice with a subscription (and updating the application fee), I am getting the following error "0 is not a symbol" ... again, this is happening with rspec.