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Feb 2016
Kyle Schutt
Feb 09 2016 14:47
Hello all. I have been trying the following command: Stripe::Plan.all(limit: 100) but it seems to only ever return 10 regardless of the limit
Noman Ur Rehman
Feb 09 2016 19:05
@kschutt Try with a limit less than 10 and see if you get the specified number of plans ...
Also, I think you should have a very large number of plans to try such a number as 100 for the limit parameter. Do you have more than 100 plans? ...
Kyle Schutt
Feb 09 2016 22:02
@nomanurrehman during testing we could easily generate more than 100 with all of our tests. The limit attribute does not work at all even for less than 10.