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thanks in advance!
Hello, can anyone looking for align graph elements within a composed chart?
As the graphic shows the graphs we are trying to align for visual purposes.
can anyone give any advice on this, if it can be done ??
Passing an Array of numbers to XAxis using the 'ticks' prop is not displaying any ticks, this normal?
Any examples with time axis?
Tom Maiaroto
Hi. Does anyone know how to make the radial bar chart scale look proper when using values 0 - 100 and a start/end arc of 0-180 ?
n/m i think i now realize what was going on.
Hi... guys... can anyone suggest a way to display the legend on the right than on the bottom?
Stewart Celani

Does anyone have an example of TickFormatter? I'd simply like to may my X axis tick description/names a lower fontSize. Couldn't find an example in official doc of TickFormatter use and return signature. =\


sorry for spam... looked like nothing was happening =P
Dale Sande / @anotheruiguy
hey, I am new to recharts and I am looking to see if there is a way that you can turn a value like 500 to $500.
this would be helpful in the tooltip hover of a point in a graph.
Also, is there a way to convert a datakey to a friendly string? like paid_savings I would like to have be total paid savings
Hi all! http://recharts.org/#/en-US/examples/TwoLevelPieChart - Why this example doesn't work ? And all piechart examples too. Thanks.
Is there a way to create composed chart with scatter and line chart
Ali Shirvani
Hi all, I am new to recharts and I want to draw live charts, is there any example? I found some on issues but non of theme works on my browsers.
anyone encounter custom bar chart label textAnchor="middle" text not set to center
Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 3.58.28 PM.png
using "recharts": "^1.0.0-alpha.2"
label 100 should be at the center. lower version of recharts works though 0.2.xxx
is this forum still active?
x axis with y axis 0, someone has demo?
orientation just provide options 'bottom' , 'top'
Richard O'Brien
so... lineType='fitting' for the Scatter chart. Is it working yet, and if so, how can I use it?
here is the example fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/exarp1/46e5tnq2/1/
^^^ so far, the line simply disappears.
Francisco Fabián González
Hi, does anybody knows what does the 'active' option for 'Tooltip' does? I don't see any difference when I set it to true or false
Hey, just pointing on mispelled version name in github
Version 1.0.0-apha.5
Missing "l" in alpha
Nick Karnik
Hey guys! Can anyone help me understand how to draw a line through each individual bar on a bar chart?
This is not the same as the reference line
A marker i suppose …
RYeah Sh
hi, anyone got this issue when new props arrive sometimes the labels are not being rendered? it looks random the behavior, sometimes it render that bar chart label and sometimes it does not, any idea on this? thanks!
Dmitry Esin
Please, help me with the settings of AreaChart: recharts/recharts#1508
I don't understand where is the problem =\
Valtteri Karesto
Is there any way to make the <Scatter /> line monotone?
Valtteri Karesto
I'll answer to my own question <Scatter lineJointType = 'monotoneX' /> seems to do the trick
Denys Kryvoshei
Is there a way to use an array of icons instead of xaxis values
krishna Reddy Renabothu
Hi, somebody can help on, OnClick graph is not updating
Sorry, Click of button Graph not updating
Raí Toffoletto
Hey guys, is there any trick to make a BarChart layout vertical work? Any adaptation in the data object I need to make? I'm trying to and failing miserable, as far I understand layout='vertical' should work pretty much straight forward, right?
Arthur Irgashev
hi. Does anybody know why the line chart has an invalid scale ?
bar/area with straight line in middle ???
Does anyone has try??