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  • Aug 10 2020 02:42
    @qtxie FEAT: GTK: support draw block on window face. red/red@a01fc56
  • Aug 04 2020 02:22
    @qtxie Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into GTK red/red@1696f2a
    @dockimbel FEAT: adds some comments to the lexer inner loop code. red/red@02776dc
    @dockimbel FEAT: adds a default lexer logging function in system/lexer/tracer. Usage: transcode/trace <input> :system/lexer/tracer red/red@b345eb5
    @dockimbel FEAT: improves any-path! recognition for scan/fast. red/red@9fbddcb
    @greggirwin Merge pull request 4588 from theSherwood/quick-test_typo FIX: quick-test typo in code handling --binary red/red@9179f7d
    @dockimbel FEAT: forbids / and : in literal issue! and refinement! values. red/red@833e133
    @greggirwin Merge pull request 4589 from theSherwood/funny_time_value_2134 TESTS: issue 2134 (funny time! values) red/red@e78a62d
    @dockimbel FIX: reports error on loading ":word:" and ":word::" invalid literals. red/red@272c9ff
    @qtxie FIX: fill-pen doesn't restore after PUSH command in DRAW. red/red@3065290
    @theSherwood TESTS: issue 2134 (funny time! values) red/red@a63f04f
    @theSherwood TESTS: issue 2134 (funny time! values) red/red@ab5b133
    @theSherwood FIX: quick-test typo in code handling --binary red/red@73c7afd
    @greggirwin Merge pull request 4584 from theSherwood/confusing_errors_4119 TESTS: regression-test-red.red - issue 4119 red/red@171adb6
    @theSherwood TESTS: issue 4119 (Confusing error message on encountering $ inside block) red/red@3322a14
    @qtxie Merge remote-tracking branch '9214/map' red/red@262836e
    @qtxie FEAT: supports issue! and refinement! as key in map. red/red@8a80bc3
    @greggirwin Merge pull request 4581 from theSherwood/load_tag_3669 TESTS: loading a tag! - issue 3669 red/red@6f0b632
    @greggirwin Merge pull request 4582 from theSherwood/parsing_corrupted_float_4250 TESTS: float-test.red - issue 4250 red/red@9fcb7cf
    @theSherwood TESTS: issue 3669 (Missing escape char ^ when loaded TAG with it inside) red/red@1ba2c20
    @theSherwood TESTS: regression-test-red.red - issue 4119 red/red@4b6c81b
    @theSherwood TESTS: float-test.red - issue 4250 red/red@ed53deb
    @theSherwood TESTS: loading a tag! - issue 3669 red/red@c5f6def
    @9214 FEAT: refactor some of the typeset macros. red/red@fc0ac74
    @9214 Resolve merge conflict. red/red@e9cfa5e
    @9214 TESTS: add hashing test to MONEY! test suite. red/red@b40720b
    @9214 FEAT: extend support of MAP! keys to MONEY!. red/red@351fee6
    @9214 FEAT: add hashing support for MONEY!. red/red@67c0b9e
    @9214 FEAT: define supporting macros. red/red@97cc422
    @9214 Sync with the upstream. red/red@e9329e9
    @9214 Merge branch 'master' into map red/red@d4fd032
    @dockimbel FIX: issue! values with colon were loaded as set-words by the new lexer. red/red@ea1d139
    @dockimbel FIX: allows colon in issue! values in compiler. red/red@20418d3
    @dockimbel FIX: some negative time! values not loaded properly. red/red@7f2db9b
    @qtxie FIX: issue 4564 (in drop-down & drop-list when clicking outside the face) red/red@a1d1495
    @dockimbel FEAT: minor code reformatting. red/red@4e9d770
    @bitbegin FIX: support more delimeter-match for console engine red/red@363d45c
    @dockimbel FIX: do not percent-encode emails on MOLDing. red/red@37366bb
    @dockimbel FEAT: minor improvements in PE linker. red/red@30fc7b0
    @dockimbel FEAT: commented link-version fields in PE header. red/red@d3af82f
    @dockimbel FEAT: forces PE checksum field calculation if /Library module is available in the toolchain's interpreter. red/red@d894182
    @dockimbel Merge branch 'PE-patches' red/red@e03c26b
    @dockimbel FEAT: minor improvement to precalc-entry-point function in PE. red/red@396f4d7
    @dockimbel FIX: set the PE linker version field to same value as VS2019 linker's. It was previously set to 1.0, which caused some Windows functions (like CryptCATAdminCalcHashFromFileHandle()) to return ERROR_BAD_EXE_FORMAT. red/red@46ede9c
    @dockimbel FEAT: minor fixes and improvement for PE executables generation. red/red@84689e1
    @dockimbel FIX: additional fix for issue 4505. red/red@b452716
    @qtxie FIX: issue 4554 (2x slower face construction than before) red/red@3a79cbf
    @hiiamboris FIX: leaking OS handle eats memory when converting face to image red/red@a75be54
    @qtxie FIX: properly set font in the gui-console. red/red@48eb6f7
    @qtxie FIX: Win: offset-to-caret may return wrong value with UCS-4 string. red/red@804829a
    @qtxie FIX: flickering when selecting editable line on gui-console. red/red@27f6649
    @dockimbel FEAT: completes lexer changes for allowing sticky words to literals with leading # character. red/red@b35c630
    @dockimbel FIX: better loading of words made of multiple slash characters by compiler. red/red@1e07fbe
    @qtxie FIX: issue 4530 (Wrongly encode some unicode codepoints). red/red@dc825a5
    @9214 FIX: extend support of MAP! keys to new datatypes. red/red@07cb1d5
  • Jul 06 2020 08:34
    @qtxie Merge branch 'gtk_input2' into GTK red/red@1088a3a
    @qtxie FEAT: IM candicate window follows the caret. red/red@fa1d3b2
    @qtxie FEAT: GTK: support key event with unicode point > 10000h in view. red/red@b3ce9ed
    @qtxie FEAT: now can use IME to input in the gui-console. red/red@0d90b66
    @bitbegin test4 red/red@43d83a6
    @bitbegin test3 red/red@e358094
    @bitbegin tests2 red/red@7ad60ae
    @bitbegin test red/red@139d7bd
    @bitbegin FIX: support input method for rich-text red/red@5c3e9e8
  • Jul 04 2020 02:49
    @bitbegin FIX: sort files for gtk3 include red/red@07557a3
    @bitbegin FIX: add missing files for camera widget red/red@51711c7
  • Jul 03 2020 08:16
    @bitbegin FIX: don't support yuyv422 for now red/red@a2a1088
    @bitbegin FIX: if there no camera image, use last one for draw event red/red@8e2172f
    @bitbegin FIX: filter the meta capture device red/red@669ef28
    @bitbegin FEAT: improve select-camera red/red@67948be
    @bitbegin FEAT: support init-camera and select-camera red/red@db71cc9
    @bitbegin FIX: rename camera file name red/red@6f4f06a
    @bitbegin FEAT: collect camera devices red/red@250ab46
    @bitbegin FEAT: capture camera picture red/red@9ff3c77
    @bitbegin FIX: crash when use pthread_cancel red/red@6f352a4
    @bitbegin FEAT: draw camera picture to gtk3 red/red@a6a101b
    @bitbegin FEAT: add camera device to view backend red/red@af2587e
    @bitbegin FIX: rename camera device red/red@268f534
    @bitbegin FEAT: attach a widget to camera device red/red@baadf0a
    @bitbegin FEAT: add trylock/unlock for camera device red/red@f51c298
    @bitbegin FEAT: add a callback to process camera buffer red/red@1f076a6
    @bitbegin FEAT: add mutex/cond for camera red/red@0b567db
    @bitbegin FIX: don't use stream red/red@14cb54b
    @bitbegin FEAT: create camera thread red/red@da8ea62
    @bitbegin FEAT: camera open/close red/red@6bbf5b0
    @bitbegin FEAT: set stream on for v4l2 red/red@b119626
    @bitbegin FEAT: add close for camera red/red@bbebbea
    @bitbegin FEAT: init v4l2 for camera red/red@67e893b
  • Jun 26 2020 07:23
    @bitbegin FIX: compile failed after merge master red/red@cdfb371
    @bitbegin Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into GTK red/red@a16b746
    @qtxie FIX: issue 4551 (on-enter on macOS not working). red/red@21e6d37
    @dockimbel FIX: set the "File OS" field in PE resources to a more modern value. red/red@58ef838
    @dockimbel FIX: PE SizeOfHeaders value was not rounded up to a multiple of FileAlignment. The issue appeared when .rsrc section was added, overflowing the default size. red/red@458ddb1
    @dockimbel FEAT: allows literals starting with # to stick to word literals tail. red/red@22a523f
    @dockimbel FIX: refinement! literals ending with a colon loaded as words. red/red@37801d2
    @dockimbel FEAT: accepts comma and quote characters in literal URLs. red/red@bb32462
    @dockimbel FIX: SCAN on construction syntax literals always returning error! type. red/red@5e5c01a
    @dockimbel FIX: moves CR character from C_LINE to C_BLANK lexer class. Fixes wrong lines counting in lexer. red/red@3334490
    @dockimbel FIX: moves some error checkings from map! construction to lexer code. Allows to generate a proper lexer ERROR event. red/red@2142264
    @dockimbel FIX: scanning some invalid paths leads to freezing. E.g.: scan "a/ " red/red@4d864b1
    @dockimbel FIX: assertion failing on some illegal char! values loading. red/red@7f4723b
    @qtxie FIX: an extra key event triggered when using IME on Windows. red/red@bd5f1e4
    @qtxie FIX: compilation error on macOS due to last commit. red/red@bda45b5
    @qtxie FIX: properly select emoji characters in the gui-console. red/red@fdb31e8
    @qtxie FIX: about error in the gui-console. red/red@ca4e905
    @qtxie FIX: COLOR_FONT flags causes problem on Win7. red/red@66571de
    @dockimbel FEAT: reports an error when a map! literal has an integer prefix. red/red@a4581f0
    @dockimbel FIX: leading +/- sign in time! literals now correctly loaded. red/red@4784e84
    @qtxie FEAT: enables color font in the gui-console on Win10. red/red@71feb89
    @dockimbel FIX: issue 4505 ([Core] [Regression] interpreter started consuming a lot of RAM) red/red@8efeaf1
    @qtxie FIX: issue 4521 ([Console] PRINT output is missing a newline before closing ] delimiter). red/red@2ffb932
    @dockimbel FIX: replaces fix made by commit 14905b558ef3e27b53c4d59d23afbb32d114cb8b. red/red@fe9091e
    @dockimbel FIX: multiple fixes related to literal file values starting with %%. red/red@7509ffd
    @qtxie FIX: assertion failed in series-test.red red/red@a34a784
    @qtxie FIX: crashes when moving hash. red/red@ab510e9
    @qtxie FIX: issue 4511 (CHANGE arbitrarily thrashes hash! table) Also fix issue 3536 red/red@44d06d9
    @dockimbel FIX: avoids double ERROR lexer event triggering on non-matching closing delimiter. red/red@14905b5
    @dockimbel FIX: right type not always reported in lexer CLOSE event. E.g.: "[(]" red/red@ecb2312
    @dockimbel FEAT: propages exclusion of CR from quoted string literals to compiler's lexer. red/red@b7920cb
    @dockimbel FIX: properly separates sticky refinement! literals. red/red@1520894
    @dockimbel FEAT: minor code reformatting. red/red@14e656f
    @dockimbel FEAT: allows lowercase letters to represent escaped non-printable characters in compiler's lexer. red/red@d895b79
    @dockimbel FEAT: process C0 control characters as separate lexical class behaving as values separators. C0 control characters now behaves similarly to whitespaces. red/red@aeb0e27
    @dockimbel FIX: allows lowercase letters to represent escaped non-printable characters. red/red@84ec787
    @dockimbel FIX: do not allow LF or CR characters in double-quoted string literals anymore. red/red@9a6b7ea
    @dockimbel FIX: wrong loading of NUL character literal forms. red/red@a34d552
    @qtxie FIX: issue 4509 ([Regression] GUI Console started echoing lines) red/red@7fb276f
    @dockimbel FEAT: in lexer's ERROR event, now the type argument is set to the partially recognized token type. red/red@afc35c2
    @dockimbel FEAT: avoids generating a SCAN lexer event if scanning resulted in a syntax error. An ERROR event is previously generated in such case. red/red@afa1812
    @dockimbel FEAT: adds SCAN and LOAD lexer events for curly braced string literals. red/red@4590466
    @qtxie FIX: gui-console error after CTRL+L red/red@4a0183b
    @qtxie FIX: additional fix for issue 4427 read on urls doesn't apply CRLF->LF translation red/red@3eb847f
    @dockimbel FIX: lexer corrupting memory or crashing on LOAD event after failing to validate a token. red/red@0525eb1
    @dockimbel FEAT: more accurate report of curly-braced strings starting position in some lexer events. red/red@3d23acd
    @dockimbel FEAT: allows words to start with a caret character. red/red@d1f015b
    @qtxie FEAT: better handling of the text input in some cases. view/no-wait [button "PRINT" [print "text"]] red/red@a19e6dd
    @qtxie FEAT: tab key for completion only. red/red@32d548b
    @qtxie FIX: refreshing the gui-console when printing in another window. view/no-wait [button "PRINT" [print "text"]] red/red@84672bb
    @qtxie TESTS: adds test for issue 4494 red/red@a941f07
    @qtxie FIX: issue 4502 (SORT randomly arranges images). red/red@5e05811
    @dockimbel FIX: regression in string lexing causing test "573" to fail. red/red@e7a3b33
    @dockimbel FIX: set-path! type not reported properly in lexer CLOSE event. red/red@5c878da
    @dockimbel FIX: lexer callback triggers ERROR event twice on unclosed {...} strings. red/red@b08d8e3
    @dockimbel FIX: regression on LOAD tests. Caused by commit: 76c7d44014b4b2057df42e2799c6f0f8a340dd56 red/red@df5ae42
    @dockimbel FIX: PRESCAN and OPEN lexer events did not report right delimiter range for map! literals. red/red@e863bd8
    @dockimbel FIX: SCAN now returns NONE on empty input instead of crashing. red/red@76c7d44
    @dockimbel Merge branch 'master' of github.com:red/red red/red@cc402ec
    @dockimbel FEAT: better report of path syntax error range in lexer callbacks red/red@16b2cdf
    @qtxie FIX: issue 4497 ([View] CRASH with pane change & auto-sync off). red/red@5c03732
    @dockimbel FEAT: adds an extra SCAN lexer event triggering on leading word in paths. red/red@a69e27d
    @dockimbel FEAT: minor improvement to delimiters checking from console's input. red/red@9064404
    @dockimbel FEAT: simplifies delimiters handling in console input. red/red@7806053
    @qtxie FIX: issue 4494 (strange literal form of cyclic HASH!). red/red@fe9a283
    @qtxie Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/red/red red/red@03044da
    @qtxie FIX: issue 4490 ([View] Stack overflow when one forgets to copy the font). red/red@575de8e
    @bitbegin FIX: open/close event should allow to load when match delimiters red/red@5a6dd57
    @9214 FIX: refactor conditional usages of typeset macros. red/red@1ab13be
    @bitbegin FIX: refactor cascaded delimiters match red/red@0df0fcf
    @x8x FEAT: Temporarly ignore ARM tests results, set max execution time to 15 minutes. red/red@217c43e
    @x8x Merge pull request 4475 from x8x/travis-ci-fix-timeout FEAT: improve Travis-CI notification on failure red/red@f246514
    @qtxie FIX: issue 4481 ([Draw] Line stops after 1000 coordinates) red/red@addc4b3
    @qtxie FIX: issue 4486 (Crash when inserting a face into window's pane). red/red@7f48a30
    @dockimbel FIX: interpreter crashing in infix evaluation after GC pass relocates global context values buffer. To reproduce the crash: https://gist.github.com/dockimbel/6d72971079a480a555482660677ad97e red/red@81ffa66
    @dockimbel FIX: interpreter crash after GC pass when global context is relocated. Crash exposed by this script: https://gist.github.com/dockimbel/6d72971079a480a555482660677ad97e red/red@c2f0d89
    @dockimbel Merge branch 'master' of github.com:red/red red/red@2417a84
    @dockimbel FIX: allows money! values with prefix unit in paths. red/red@e0e961b
    @dockimbel FIX: lexer input pointer can go beyond input end for file! tokens. red/red@37ac632
    @bitbegin FIX: transform not work for prepend mode on Windows red/red@19619de
    @qtxie FIX: GUI console becomes unresponsive after printing very long text. red/red@733af32
    @x8x FEAT: improve Travis-CI notification on failure red/red@63e7829
    @qtxie TESTS: adds test for issue 4432 red/red@2106a82
    @dockimbel FIX: some PE section names were incorrectly set for shared libraries. red/red@0cb889b
    @dockimbel FIX: better fix for lexer-based highlighting in console. See commit 59192c2db309f8c2a0fe6cbba4bc0bf83e51db95. red/red@36857eb
    @qtxie FIX: issue 4467 ([View] FIELD is limited with WRAP on) red/red@a3afc9e
    @qtxie FIX: assertion failure in mark-buffers in lexer. red/red@79109f2
    @qtxie FIX: error when return false in prescan stage. red/red@59192c2
    @dockimbel FIX: issue 4470 (Syntax Error : Invalid decimal) red/red@f939d7f
    @dockimbel FIX: dead function removal. red/red@22bc8a8
    @dockimbel FIX: minor fixes to compiler's lexer. red/red@9ee89e6
    @dockimbel FIX: regression in list-dir caused by integer division rule change. red/red@54a9781
    @qtxie FIX: use prescan in the highlighter of the gui-console. red/red@cfb6d30
  • May 31 2020 14:56
    @bitbegin FIX: area's font can't be changed red/red@b7fa9e7
    @bitbegin FIX: need update handle! after change-font view [ f: text "xdfg" 200x80 font [size: 10] return button "+" [ f/font/size: f/font/size + 1] ] red/red@f26be82
  • May 30 2020 08:58
    @bitbegin FIX: button default use wrap text red/red@4f093f2
  • May 30 2020 08:38
    @bitbegin FIX: button default use center align red/red@2df03aa
  • May 30 2020 08:20
    @qtxie FEAT: use default height only if face height shorter than it. red/red@d79ddd3
  • May 30 2020 07:29
    @bitbegin FIX: don't draw circle/ellipse if any radius = 0 to avoid cairo warning red/red@cdc8589
  • May 29 2020 12:33
    @bitbegin FIX: set area's caret color with font-color red/red@5622480
  • May 29 2020 08:03
    @bitbegin FIX: transform not work for prepend mode on gtk3 red/red@8b7bff8
    @bitbegin FIX: remove no used export red/red@9cf0a97
  • May 26 2020 09:00
    @bitbegin FIX: improve grad pen for start position red/red@b8c8385
  • May 26 2020 08:15
    @bitbegin FIX: label's default wrap is on red/red@07f6fbb
  • May 25 2020 13:35
    @bitbegin FIX: select text-list not right red/red@781113f
    @bitbegin FIX: on-over not right on text red/red@1c004ba
  • May 24 2020 06:50
    @bitbegin FIX: improve draw commands for gtk3 red/red@eb44b10
  • May 22 2020 06:41
    @bitbegin FIX: draw pattern lost alpha channel red/red@56cfe4e
  • May 21 2020 03:17
    @bitbegin FEAT: first support draw pattern red/red@4ffdef4
    @bitbegin FIX: improve draw brush bitmap red/red@b4c8a4e
  • May 20 2020 08:10
    @bitbegin FIX: clear current point for circle and triangle red/red@d577b3b
    @bitbegin FIX: need set pen-color now red/red@a2581f8
    @bitbegin FEAT: first support bitmap pen/pen-fill for gtk3 red/red@4607458
    @bitbegin FIX: shape and clip transform not right red/red@bd138d2
    @bitbegin FIX: remove unnecessary cairo save red/red@afc6719
@loziniak Thanks for testing. The debugging output is on purpose. We're working actively on GTK branch.
Maciej Łoziński
Noticed that. Fantastic work, thanks!

On Mint I downloaded from: http://static.red-lang.org/dl/branch/GTK/linux/red-latest
After starting red in /usr/local/bin I get:

~$ red
Compiling compression library...
Compiling Red console...
*** Loading Error: file access error: %../image-utils.reds 
*** in file: %/home/ralf/datatypes/image.reds 
*** at line: 13

What do I need to do in preparation for this to work?

@ralfwenske There is a bug in latest nightly, a fix is coming soon.
@ralfwenske fixed, please retry...
It works. Thank you @bitbegin @x8x
Red 0.6.4 for Linux built 29-Apr-2020/11:52:07+10:00 commit #7f9804b
console-2020-4-29-7002:11496): Gtk-WARNING **: 11:08:29.328: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:27:35: Junk at end of value for background-color

(console-2020-4-29-7002:11496): Gtk-WARNING **: 11:08:29.329: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:40:48: Junk at end of value for background-color

(console-2020-4-29-7002:11496): Gtk-WARNING **: 11:08:29.329: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:48:46: Junk at end of value for background-color

(console-2020-4-29-7002:11496): Gtk-WARNING **: 11:08:29.329: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:59:58: Junk at end of value for background-color

(console-2020-4-29-7002:11496): Gtk-WARNING **: 11:08:29.329: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:66:28: The :prelight pseudo-class is deprecated. Use :hover instead.

(console-2020-4-29-7002:11496): Gtk-WARNING **: 11:08:29.329: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:70:46: Junk at end of value for background-color

(console-2020-4-29-7002:11496): Gtk-WARNING **: 11:08:29.329: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:77:35: The :prelight pseudo-class is deprecated. Use :hover instead.

(console-2020-4-29-7002:11496): Gtk-WARNING **: 11:08:29.329: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:81:58: Junk at end of value for background-color
--== Red 0.6.4 ==-- 
Type HELP for starting information. 

>> about
Red 0.6.4 for Linux built 29-Apr-2020/3:52:07+02:00 commit #7f9804b

How comes to these error messages with the same commit?
seems your system's css style issue
did you set $RED_GTK_STYLES ?
Is it intentional that a resizable window cannot be resized below the initial size on GTK? On macOS it can.
no. to what should I set it?

? On macOS I can resize to any size I wish. On GTK I cannot make it smaller than the original size as declared in

layout ["title" 600x400 ….]

resizing using the cursor


Is it intentional that a resizable window cannot be resized below the initial size on GTK? On macOS it can.

@ralfwenske Yes. It's a limitation (or someone may call it a feature) on GTK. We may be able to use some tricks to workaround it.

@xqlab What linux distro are you using? Seems the gtk.css on the system is too old. In other words, your GTK version is newer.
Do you have a gtk.css file in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css? The system default one (/usr/share/themes/Adwaita/gtk-3.0/gtk.css) should be no warning.
@qtxie thanks. The new one is empty.)
@ralfwenske Fixed the window resize issue on GTK.
Only saw this now. Thanks @qtxie
Is Red's GTK integration working well? Is it ready for production work?
Boleslav Březovský
I would say that it's comparable to macOS GUI. Both re not as complete as Windows one, but good for an alpha language :-)
R cqls
For macOS users (above all on Catalina), I adapted an old project to launch redGTK inside docker container: red-gtk-macOS.
@bitbegin Just to let you know that code/Showcase/ballots/ballots.red seems to be buggy for the two last windows when selecting.
@rcqls seems work now
R cqls
@bitbegin Can’t see in the red:GTK branch which fix could solve a mouse drag issue.
i just can't reproduce...
R cqls
in the 2 last windows when you select and move an object the circles move too and this is not supposed to be.
R cqls
Ok so I’ll retry!
R cqls
@bitbegin Behavior different tested on http://static.red-lang.org/dl/branch/GTK/linux/red-latest running inside a docker container based on ubuntu i386. Maybe that’s the explanation...
R cqls

@bitbegin Same thing in another macOS with:

>> ? system/build/git
SYSTEM/BUILD/GIT is an object! with the following words and values:
     branch   string!       "GTK"
     tag      issue!        #v0.6.4
     ahead    integer!      2490
     date     date!         31-May-2020/14:55:54
     commit   issue!        #b7fa9e7b586fed8a325db5e009b1cc70...
     message  string!       "FIX: area's font can't be changed"

Could you please provide the console binary you use except if it is already red-latest from http://static.red- lang.org/dl/branch/GTK/linux/red-latest? In such a case, this would be an error coming from docker container but I never observe this weird behavior before.

@rcqls i tested the red-latest, it's also ok
@rcqls There are some fixes in the ballots demo on 0.6.5 branch. https://github.com/red/code/tree/0.6.5
R cqls
@qtxie @bitbegin Same issue (dragging square move the target circles) in my docker container (with linux-gui-console too). It is really weird…. Maybe you could try it from your side on a macOS with a docker container (see, for instance, my red-gtk-macOS repo)
@rcqls Did you use the script from the 0.6.5 branch? https://github.com/red/code/tree/0.6.5
R cqls
@qtxie yes of course (git checkout -b 0.6.5)
OK. I'll try the docker container. I can reproduce the issue with the script on master branch. It should be fixed on 0.6.5/
R cqls
That’s weird! I'll give a new try then in the 0.6.5 branch ...
The latest logs:
$ git log
commit 489dfe96d65001ada72f2956e6224703ced18b1a (HEAD -> 0.6.5, origin/0.6.5)
Author: Qingtian <xqtxyz@gmail.com>
Date:   Thu May 28 19:26:48 2020 -0700

    some fixes (#87)

    * FIX: perlin.red cannot be compiled.

    * FIX: disable Draw button while image is processing.

    * FEAT: minor improvements in ballots demo.

commit f090ae7688ff34fd765c5d58cbfb7158c6ac01b7
Author: Nenad Rakocevic <nr@red-lang.org>
Date:   Fri May 22 19:43:33 2020 +0200

    FEAT: upgrades lexer scripts after callback `type` argument change.

    `type` value is now a datatype! when a type name is passed.
R cqls
@qtxie Thanks, weirdly git checkout -b 0.6.5 did not change the workspace because git log was not the one you show me. Now it’s ok after git clone -b 0.6.5 https://github.com/red/code.
BTW, view-test.red has a similar problem when dragging the robot image just below the book list, it can’t be dragged anymore. In the other places it is ok.
R cqls
So base transparent is the key to avoid dragging circles….
R cqls
Currently it seems normal the pseudo-issue of view-test.red since camera is a base element maybe without transparent option.
Stph Blk
What is the best way to get a gui version for linux mint? Last time I did a download from red-lang of the nightly, but it had no gui. Also, what is the hold up on the public release of the GTK version? I see it is slated for formal announcement some time after the fast lexer version, but I'm wondering why it isn't released first if it is ready first?
Gregg Irwin
Have you tried building the GTK branch?
Boleslav Březovský
Building your own version is really the best way. It's easy.
Stph Blk
No, I've not tried building the GTK branch. I've always just downloaded the nightly per red-lang.org. I've not seen clear instructions on how to do that, nor what the advantages are if I am not developing the language. So I am correct the nightly builds include the gui for the other platforms but not for linux? What's the reason for that (I don't doubt there is reason)?
Stph Blk
I see up above @qtxie says "You can download it from here: http://static.red-lang.org/dl/branch/GTK/linux/red-latest". I missed that.