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Jul 2016
Carl Welch
Jul 25 2016 19:17

I'm using the Bike-share example as a starting point. This package is using routr. my urls/routes look like this - I have my route set up like so:
Article: {
path: ['/article/:slug'],
method: 'get',
page: './pages/article'

How do I get access to ":slug"?
this.slug, this.params.slug are undefined... can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

This message was deleted
For the url http://localhost:3010/source/docs-api.html and the given route, this.getRequest().getRouteParams().path returns "docs-api.html"
Carl Welch
Jul 25 2016 19:56
Douglas Wade
Jul 25 2016 22:33
@Noirbot this just came across my desk thought it might make your poke site a little easier than checking in your data