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Feb 2016
Rafael Pólit
Feb 25 2016 16:35

Thanks for the answer. I am really new here, sorry if this is really obvious, just getting my feet wet with all this and a bit over my head for the time being. So... I have set the following in my install_node.rb recipe:

node.default['nodejs']['install_method'] = 'binary'
node.default['nodejs']['nodejs_version'] = '4.2.6'

include_recipe 'nodejs'

As far as I can tell, nodejs is being installed from binary, so the install_method is working as expected. But its installing v0.10.26. Don't know why. This is the log of the corresponding section:

Recipe: nodejs::nodejs_from_binary

     * ark[nodejs-binary] action install
       * directory[/usr/local/nodejs-binary-0.10.26] action create
         - create new directory /usr/local/nodejs-binary-0.10.26
       * remote_file[/tmp/kitchen/cache/nodejs-binary-0.10.26.tar.gz] action create
         - create new file /tmp/kitchen/cache/nodejs-binary-0.10.26.tar.gz
         - update content in file /tmp/kitchen/cache/nodejs-binary-0.10.26.tar.gz from none to 305bf2
         (new content is binary, diff output suppressed)
Feb 25 2016 18:09

try to set the node.default['nodejs']['binary']['checksum'] parameter,
in your case:
node.default['nodejs']['binary']['checksum'] = '919498f2eb855ef0468b428b97d9d3f604d0f83417502d65b98c136786eb94d5'