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Abdul Hagi
@NickHeiner you have to include the recipe that will install npm from source using this
"include_recipe 'nodejs::npm_from_source'"
then that recipe will download the npm using the new version you overwrite
Nick Heiner
@ballerabdude that worked – thanks!
Nick Couraud
when running 'nodejs::iojs' on Ubuntu 14.04 it looks like it keeps installing Nodejs 0.10.40 - I tried installing binaries, but it looks like that will only install from nodejs.org/dist not iojs. Am I missing something?
Ramya Kailas
I am exploring the node.js cookbook and there is an nodejs_npm provider which accepts packages.json by default
How do i define my package.json
Ramya Kailas
Where can i store my package.json file for the recipe to pick it up
Ramya Kailas
Hi nodejs newbie question
Ramya Kailas
Hey Everybody , some of the packages in package.json point to a private git repo
i am getting a 404 for them
how do i handle this in the recipe
Guilhem Lettron
Hi @ramyakailas I don't know if you can manage this directly in package.json but it can't be in this cookbook. Maybe you can add some configuration in global git
Ramya Kailas
hi@guilhem , i copied my ssh keys to the vm , but still fighting with the private repo issue
Miguel Moll
Hi all! Running into an interesting problem where npm packages aren't being installed because the they are skipped. Looks like it has detected the package as already installed. Thought it was related to this issue: redguide/nodejs#50
But doesn't seem to be related because there are zero users that have the package installed. Any tips?
Guilhem Lettron
@miguelmoll can you test with latest master?
I merged something who can help
Miguel Moll
@guilhem Thanks! Will give it a shot in a bit.
Miguel Moll
@guilhem Awesome! Looks like it worked with my initial testing. Thank you!
Curious would this fix make its way to chef supermarket anytime soon?
Guilhem Lettron
@miguelMoll yeah I will push a bugfix version
Miguel Moll
Very cool. Thank you again for your help!
Guilhem Lettron
@MiguelMoll done ;)
Graham Weldon
Hey folks.
Anyone notice the nodejs.org website is now redirecting all http:// traffic to https:// with 301?
If anyone has installed nodejs from package, and needs to do npm installs for things that require compilation (downlaoding nodejs source) then it fails as the URL is http://
Not sure what I can do about that.. but created a pull request for changing the download URL for the source install method.
Barthélemy Vessemont
My dev team is also hitting https issue this morning
We probably need to fix some url headers somewhere
but I didn't have tested this so far
Graham Weldon
@BarthV : ^
Barthélemy Vessemont
quite obvious fix
Graham Weldon
That fixes basic install.
Packages referenced for package install have an issue though
Barthélemy Vessemont
bundle exec kitchen converge package-ubuntu-1404 is ok for me
vagrant@package-ubuntu-1404:~$ node -v
vagrant@package-ubuntu-1404:~$ npm -v
vagrant@package-ubuntu-1404:~$ dpkg -l |egrep -i "node|npm"
ii  nodejs                              0.10.40-1nodesource1~trusty1     amd64        Node.js event-based server-side javascript engine
what is missing for you ? (on which platform ?)
Graham Weldon
Oh, when you NPM install something with build dependencies.
Like iconv or something
The build requires download of the nodejs source, which references http://nodejs.org/dist/....
So the npm download of the source pulls down the result of the 301 redirect now in place on the site.
And fails install.
gyp verb ensuring nodedir is created /opt/mimo/node_modules/xml2json/node_modules/node-expat/node_modules/iconv/.node-gyp/0.10.40
gyp verb created nodedir /opt/mimo/node_modules/xml2json/node_modules/node-expat/node_modules/iconv/.node-gyp
gyp http GET http://nodejs.org/dist/v0.10.40/node-v0.10.40.tar.gz
gyp http 200 http://nodejs.org/dist/v0.10.40/node-v0.10.40.tar.gz
gyp WARN install got an error, rolling back install
gyp verb command remove [ '0.10.40' ]
Note the middle 2 http calls.