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    tas50 on v6.0.0


Barthélemy Vessemont
We'll discuss again for managing this kind of "generic" symlink
but it seems really specific to each app/ needs
Chris W
For sure
I'll refactor my work around at some point to try and be more generic
Andreas Lappe


when using the cookbook with chef 12.5.1, it explodes into my face with undefined methodlog_deprecation' for class Class' (more: https://gist.github.com/alappe/84ed444400e741c70877)

Barthélemy Vessemont
12.5 brings many changes in custom resources management and internal API
I had to delay the migration in my company
I will take a look into that issue
Andreas Lappe
Deeply appreciated!
I'd love to help you with a PR but I can't seem to understand what the issue is… To me it seems he's trying to log the deprecated method in your recipe, but failing even that… :-/
Barthélemy Vessemont
Is is possible for you to rollback to 12.4.3 ?
Andreas Lappe
I thought about it, but I think I'll stick with 12.5.1 for now. I'm trying to deprecate my usage of the nodejs cookbook my wrapping the node stuff in docker. On dev, it'd be nice to have the nodejs though
Barthélemy Vessemont
I understand
Andreas Lappe
I mostly wanted to report the issue and check if the problem exists between keyboard and chair… :)
Barthélemy Vessemont
I find some time for this
Andreas Lappe
Thank you!
Rafael Pólit
Good afternoon. I'm very new to Chef and cookbooks. Is there a way to install a particular version of node with this recipe? I require a forced version in order to have all our clients 'in sync' no matter when the recipe is run. I need that if a recipe is run a month from now it install the exact same version as it did a month ago. Can this be achieved? Thanks in advance.

Hey RafaPolit, You can do it, just use the attribute "nodejs_install_method": "binary" like this:
"nodejs_install_method": "binary",
"nodejs_version": "0.12.7",
"nodejs_checksum": "cb2ba2e004fc03f634e56618194e4c2c025cfe22"

You can get the version and the package checksum in the nodejs.org

I hope that this information helps you.

Rafael Pólit

Thanks for the answer. I am really new here, sorry if this is really obvious, just getting my feet wet with all this and a bit over my head for the time being. So... I have set the following in my install_node.rb recipe:

node.default['nodejs']['install_method'] = 'binary'
node.default['nodejs']['nodejs_version'] = '4.2.6'

include_recipe 'nodejs'

As far as I can tell, nodejs is being installed from binary, so the install_method is working as expected. But its installing v0.10.26. Don't know why. This is the log of the corresponding section:

Recipe: nodejs::nodejs_from_binary

     * ark[nodejs-binary] action install
       * directory[/usr/local/nodejs-binary-0.10.26] action create
         - create new directory /usr/local/nodejs-binary-0.10.26
       * remote_file[/tmp/kitchen/cache/nodejs-binary-0.10.26.tar.gz] action create
         - create new file /tmp/kitchen/cache/nodejs-binary-0.10.26.tar.gz
         - update content in file /tmp/kitchen/cache/nodejs-binary-0.10.26.tar.gz from none to 305bf2
         (new content is binary, diff output suppressed)

try to set the node.default['nodejs']['binary']['checksum'] parameter,
in your case:
node.default['nodejs']['binary']['checksum'] = '919498f2eb855ef0468b428b97d9d3f604d0f83417502d65b98c136786eb94d5'


Rafael Pólit
Thanks for the feedback. I checked and my mistake was two fold: first the checksum as you pointed out, and second the second array parameter should just be 'version' not 'nodejs_version', you were right on your syntax but on my approach I copy pasted to the different syntax the wrong parameter. Thanks for the help, things are now working as expected (at least in the kitchen).
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if I install nodejs_from_binary via chef, how can I reverse that process afterwords?
Jared Kofron
is there a way to access the path to the node install directory e.g. node.default['nodejs']['path'] or similar? i'm trying to resolve what I should set NODE_PATH to in a template without hard-coding it.
for the binary
I think
process.env._ and process.execPath
returns where is node
Mark Keisler
is there any active support/dev on this cookbook?
clark williamson
There are some open PR's that people have been working on