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Simone Mosciatti
For support, request of help or really anything.
The page is monitored and gitter notify me by email!
Good Morning, is there any way of getting the field names/header in the return result, when i am using REDISQL.EXEC? I try to figure it out since some hours, but i can't get it working.
Dennis Galan
Good day, can somebody please share example to work with RediSQL and PHP 7?
Mark Glasgow
Looking to find out if RedditSQL is a good alternative for In-Memory OLTP matching ?
Also the second glitter button on git is broken
Simone Mosciatti
Guys, sorry all
notification somehow where turned off and I didn't get any of your messages! Very very sorry about this!
I turn it back on again
Emanuela Furfaro
Hi all!
Simone Mosciatti
@emanuelaf :)
is there an easy way to set expiration (TTL ) for the items that are inserted into the tables in rediSQL? I would like to save only the data inserted into redis for the last X hours, and expire anything older than that to avoid storage blowing up
Simone Mosciatti
Hi @adibelan7 , no unfortunately there is no easy way.
You should be able to set an expiration for a whole database, that can make sense in some environment, not sure about yours
What version of RediSQL are you using? Memory should not be an huge problem thought, it is suppose to be quite efficient.
Another option is to make your own TTL, set an expire and periodically call a DELETE SQL command.
If the dataset is in memory it should cause no problems
(performance wise)
if it get slow, you can use an index, that assuming a static TTL, should not cause big write problems.
Please @ me, so that I am sure to read it!