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Aug 2015
Wilhelm Behncke
Aug 12 2015 18:05
@akoenig regarding those nasty spread parameters: I'm going to switch to an explicit array parameter, which I think is bottom line even better for the API... But I should probably file an issue at babels tracker
Wilhelm Behncke
Aug 12 2015 18:46
btw, folks: I'm getting "Uncaught ReferenceError: process is not defined" when using Component exposed to window, I guess we need to typeof process
André König
Aug 12 2015 19:35
As I said, really weird strange thingy
I did not find anything regarding this bug so reporting an issue would be indeed the way to go.
The "process" error will go away after transpiling component with the current release of build-tools.
@inkdpixels could you publish a new patch version of component?