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Jun 2015
Jun 02 2015 03:31
var Reflux = require('reflux'),
    request = require('superagent');

var TopicActions = Reflux.createAction([
        'loadTopics', //首次加载topics列表
TopicActions.loadTopics.preEmit = function(){
        console.log('fetching data from server');
Who anybody else can tell me why I got an error message "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'preEmit' of undefined" with this code?
Nicolas Gotchac
Jun 02 2015 05:24
You miss an 's' at 'createAction'
Prakhar Srivastav
Jun 02 2015 08:25
Hi! Can anyone give me some pointers on how to test Reflux applications?
This is my first react / reflux app, so I'm not sure where to start..
Also what should I test?
Since actions are just dispatched to the store, should i just write tests for the Store and the React Components?