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Jul 2015
Joel Hawksley
Jul 13 2015 13:07
A couple weeks ago, I shared some examples of how we've used Reflux at Mojotech. It's now a blog post:
Jul 13 2015 14:57
Hello all! Does anyone have an example, or at least show me the path, to building tests that start from a DOM action (example: form submit) all the way up to checking the store values? (I'm using Mocha, JSDOM and Sinon mainly because Jest was really slow) At the moment, I've got some tests that, using a spy on the Actions, simulate a form submit and assert a callCount on that action. I can even have a listener on the Store, call an Action with params, and read the Store to check if it was populated. Tho, I wasn't able to make the full test.