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Jul 2015
Iliyan Betovski
Jul 21 2015 10:15 UTC
For those who face the same problem testing the listeners here is the answer: spoike/refluxjs#218
Sorry for flooding the channel with a common question.
Miguel Couto
Jul 21 2015 12:14 UTC
does reflux has any dependency ?
like do i need jquery or react to use it?
i wan't to use it for angular to easy the 2 way binding that is getting in my nerves ^^
Jul 21 2015 14:33 UTC
Id like to have a store that waits for any given amount of other stores to finnish and than executes. how would i achieve this in reflux?
Jul 21 2015 15:31 UTC
@Mig1st4ck only dependency is eventemmiter3 as far as I know