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Oct 2015
Oct 16 2015 03:32
i have auth.isLoggedIn .login .logout methods in authStore then I have another userStore. How to set userStore only listenTo auth.isLoggedIn ? i set listenTo(authStore, this.something) it listen all methods in authStore
Nachiket Kakatkar
Oct 16 2015 09:33
Hello all. I have a question. I want to validate the values in the store from a component. What would be a good way to do this ? If it is done through action and callback, then I can pass valid=true/false in that. But I feel that calling the store method directly is simpler. Opinions ? Thanks !
*valid=true/false in that callback
Oliver Mader
Oct 16 2015 15:49
Hej fellas, is there a quick start guide how to create a SPA with Refluxjs and JSON requests?