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    Farina Ashfaq
    and another . thing i want an example how to form submit in rekit
    J. Pratt-Delzenne
    @Farina16 It's not related to Rekit, it's related to how you authenticate in a React App in general and how to manage your Authorization(Authentication: https://medium.com/@rajaraodv/securing-react-redux-apps-with-jwt-tokens-fcfe81356ea0, Authorization: https://hackernoon.com/role-based-authorization-in-react-c70bb7641db4). There's no standard way of doing it.
    J. Pratt-Delzenne
    Nate Wang
    Rekit Studio v2.2.5 is just released!
    • Support multiple un-saved files. Many thanks to @njukidreborn !
    • Better syntax highlight with @prismjs
    • Auto close the tab when rename/delete an element
    • Support more type of code formatting besides js
    • Performance and stability improvement
    J. Pratt-Delzenne
    @supnate Wow that's awesome ! You rock !
    Nate Wang
    Rekit Studio v2.2.6 now supports quick open a file with fuzzy search.
    Rekit 2.3.0 released to support create-react-app .
    Vikum Dheemantha
    I created app with rekit 2.2.0 and use ant design as my front end framework. It works nicely when I use dev server but when I build the app and test with dev server (localhost:6077) it dosn't display any images how can I fix this.
    @supnate thanks
    Vikum Dheemantha
    how can we identify that what is the component loaded in the rout
    HI Nate, i have developed web application using rekit, all are doing well and i'm struck on FB login integration. its occured "TypeError: fjs is undefined" error. Please help me to fixed this error. Thank you
    Nate Wang
    Hi @nalndan , I only knows a library named 'fbjs'. You may paste more context about the issue so that we could help.
    Hi ! Today i wanted to test Rekit. But after installing the global command "npm install -g rekit
    " i can't run rekit. My terminal say "command not found". Maybe i miss something ?
    i'm on debian stretch (9), my node version is v8.14.1 and my npm the v6.4.1
    Fahim Shariar Shoumik
    is this project dead ?
    Nate Wang
    @sh0umik you can check github.com/rekit .
    Juan Jose Carracedo
    Hi, have some template for run electron apps ?
    Reda Borchardt
    atlanta zone 6
    hello , how to integrate with redux-persist
    Hello @supnate how to do GITHUB integration with REKIT. how will teams collaborate ?
    Erba Afidotama

    Hiii.. i want to open rekit studio. in my server when start showing:
    You can now view belajar_niat in the browser.

    Local: http://localhost:3100/
    On Your Network:

    Note that the development build is not optimized.
    To create a production build, use npm run build.

    i read in rekit doc, i must to setup rekit studio port in package.json. but still cant open rekit studio. can help me?

    I'm having the same issue as the comment above, following the instructions listed on the readme for getting started seems to just launch a create-react-app like dev server without opening up the editor. nmap only shows port 3000 open, this does not change if i add the rekit portion to the package.json
    Benjamin Jackson
    Is there a best practice for calling actions from within a component. I want the action to be triggered once only on render?