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Repo info
hello, is there a way to get json response when using client ?
and do you know what is the proper https request in order to authenticate user ?
Does anyone know how to send a post request with a "Request payload"?
Nevermind, got it
hy guys iam new here please anyone help me to install request
i got an error while installing the package request/request#3197
try {
let err = request('http://'+addr,{timeout:300})
options.proxy = "http://"+addr
} catch (e) {
if(e.connect === true){
options.proxy = null
program is usually shutdowm.What should I do?
program Direct crash of timeout as usually
A.I. Developer
Hope this would be usefull pull request for some participants request/request#3209
Sandip Jadhav
Hello, I need one help.I am using request module for downloading a file.
myrequest = request({
    method: 'GET',
    uri: file_url,
    headers: {
        range: ("bytes=" + bytes + "-" + totalSize)
}).on("error", function(err) {

when Internet connection is down, I am not getting error alert; Can someone help me with this? Thnx 
does this support http2
Werd Bmocsil
Greetings, I'm having difficulty getting request.post() to send a fileStream in `multipart/form-data', something like this:
let s3FileStream = s3.getObject(s3ObjectLocation).createReadStream();
let sender = "bob";
let receiver = "steve";

let formData = { "To": sender,
"From": receiver,
"file": s3FileStream };

        url: theURL,
        formData: formData,
        auth: {
            user: theUserName,
            pass: thePassword
If "file" in formData is a string, it sends just fine.
but when set to s3FileStream as shown above, I get an HTTP 400 BAD REQUEST
Werd Bmocsil
Also, when I replace s3FileStream with a ReadStream from fs, it works as expected.
const fs = require('fs');
s3FileStream = fs.createReadStream('/tmp/s3TestInput.txt');
so, my question is:
Should request.post(...) work when setting a formData value to return from an S3.getObject().createReadStream()
Werd Bmocsil
I think I found the problem.
request appears to require fields readable, path, and modefor isReadStream.
Unfortunately, while the value of s3.getObject(s3ObjectLocation).createReadStream() has readable, it has nothing for path or mode.
So I can’t use the two together directly.

it seems like a test for method .pipe() would be sufficient.

Like in axios: https://github.com/axios/axios/blob/master/lib/utils.js#L149

Conor Reid
Hey, any good HTTP2 libraries for node?
that have proxy support too
Hi I'm new to this
How to resolve this? npm WARN deprecated request@2.88.2: request has been deprecated, see request/request#3142

Capture All Request and Response Alone

I have a web application where huge request and response is being transferred.

I'm looking for a tool which just captures the request and response in a database or csv file and no other details are required.

Can you please kindly suggest me a tool or any interceptor without touching the code?


Can anyone please explain what is a websocket and webhook?