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Dec 2016
Dec 29 2016 06:33
I'm planning on setting up my resin device with an IoT platform just to get familiar with the work flow, case is a data logging hobby project, Is there a recommended platform to use with (in terms of user friendliness, documentation and versatility) I'm torn between Watson IoT and Amazon IoT.
Dec 29 2016 06:40
I can't comment on the differences between watson iot vs amazon iot, but there are docs on setting up an amazon iot integration at
so the initial setup would probably be easier with amazon iot, but it's possible some of those docs would also apply for watson
Dec 29 2016 06:42
There is documentation for Watson as well on the site so getting started should be similar, but I'm still wondering if anyone has experience working with either and their feedback.
Dec 29 2016 06:46
Ah, I hadn't seen that before, I think @imrehg or @craig-mulligan are the ones that have used the two, so they should be able to give some insight on the differences
Craig Mulligan
Dec 29 2016 08:13
Hey @ayousif00, there are no clear winners for me yet. I quite like aws just because I'm familiar with it, but it does have some extra security measures associated with certs so getting up and running can take a little longer. I'd probably go with watson or artik if it's a hobby project.
Gergely Imreh
Dec 29 2016 09:41
@ayousif00 I have similar feelings about the platforms as @craig-mulligan . They are all quite similar, there's a real convergence is going on in the platform space, IMHO.
I worked a bit more with Watson and ARTIK. ARTIK seems to be more in flux last year (things were changing around in the platform and SDK that needed some fixes in my code sometimes). They have a free tier that is not too bad, seems a bit fewer options than others, but plenty for my own data logging project that's running since the summer. Watson was pretty simple, feels like a bit more closed garden, but more services internally (most of which I haven't tried, @mccollam might know more about Watson). AWS IOT is indeed good, needs some work to set things up, but when that is done, there's a lot of AWS features to take advantage of/couple to. Seems to me, that any of them could be a good start, if you have no preference. Look in their docs/site a bit, and can follow your gut feeling, until you have more info based on your experience.