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Feb 2017
Alexis Susset
Feb 05 2017 20:36
@alexandrosm would love to see that one as last time I was told that opening ppp capabilities in Docker would create potential security issues
Balena team
Feb 05 2017 20:43
[Alexandros Marinos (alexandrosm)] @alexandrosm, security or reliability? AFAIK it's more of a reliability issue, tying the container to the connectivity, no?
[Alexandros Marinos (alexandrosm)] if you were told this by @petrosagg, which I assume you were, we should open an issue in resinOS and find a proper way to do it on the host, as we want to enable the capability in a correct way, if "within the container" is an incorrect way
[Alexandros Marinos (alexandrosm)] though talking to petros he told me that "we support out of the box all the PPP modems that modem manager supports". do you have experiments that say that that is not true?