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Jun 2017 team
Jun 12 2017 10:30
[Ilias Zavitsanos (izavits)] @kersing please take a look here:
you can control the devices that you want to receive the update
Christopher Hex
Jun 12 2017 11:30
Hi everyone, we recently discovered that Resin Logs (as shown in console) are being sent over the network in plain HTTP (using PubNub). Is this something we can configure? Otherwise shouldn't this be considered a serious security flaw? team
Jun 12 2017 15:08
[Alexandros Marinos (alexandrosm)] @christopherhex we're looking into this, you're right, this shouldn't be the case
Christopher Hex
Jun 12 2017 15:19
:+1: thx
Zain Memon
Jun 12 2017 23:14
I have a device that is unable to download a delta update and is using up a ton of data on a cellular plan
Logs are filled with this message: Failed to download application ' ...' due to 'server error'
what can i do to fix this issue, and how can i make sure this doesn't happen again? this device used about $50 worth of data before I caught it team
Jun 12 2017 23:54
[Florin-Ionut Sarbu (floion)] @pcarranzav, ^
Pablo Carranza VĂ©lez
Jun 12 2017 23:55
thanks @floion, we're diagnosing this in private, looks like an out of memory situation