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Jun 2017
Sam Korn
Jun 23 2017 04:26
Hello everyone, I tried updating my node and now everything is broken! I use nvm, and I thought that should help with these problems.
I did initially: $ nvm install 6
Sam Korn
Jun 23 2017 04:31
$ npm install --global --production resin-cli
Now resin or resin install leads to the above picture error message, any ideas?
Sam Korn
Jun 23 2017 04:56
All in all I love, it fights these exact problems of build environment problems
Tim Perry
Jun 23 2017 11:24
@sako0938 It looks like you've got a broken CLI install there, somehow.
What do you see if you run ls /home/skorn/.nvm/versions/node/v6.11.0/lib/node_modules/resin-cli?
That error is saying it can't find the entrypoint for the actual CLI code (which should all live in resin-cli/build/)
No idea why that wouldn't be present on your machine though. I use nvm locally, and I've never had any problems with this.
Alexis Susset
Jun 23 2017 19:42
Does anyone have issues installing wiring-pi@2.1.1
I’m getting a failure on git push resin master
Alexis Susset
Jun 23 2017 19:51
actually my issue seem to be a different one:
npm notice created a lockfile as package-lock.json. You should commit this file.