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Jun 2017
Vijay Sharma
Jun 26 2017 08:52
Friends is it possible to setup two different web servers on the resin image?
Also I am trying to setup domoticz on resin for RP-3 Model B. I already have an expressJS server running. Would it be possible to setup both domoticz and express server?
Tim Perry
Jun 26 2017 09:11
@sako0938 this is very strange. Which files do exist in your global node_modules/resin-cli after install? Looks like it has at least bin/resin in it (since that is what is looking for resin-cli/build, and it's in the stack trace). What else is present?
Shaun Mulligan
Jun 26 2017 09:16
@Jbithell by default all containers will automatically restart if the main process dies. However, if you have INITSYSTEM on in your Dockerfile, or you start you script with a bash script, those governing processes will prevent the container from restarting. So most likely you just need to disable the INITSYSTEM if you want this auto restart behaviour
Vijay Sharma
Jun 26 2017 09:33
@shaunmulligan Can I have more than one docker containers running? Can I switch between those two?
Shaun Mulligan
Jun 26 2017 12:19
@Eulerianial its currently not possible to run multiple containers without doing a docker-in-docker approach, in the coming months we will be supporting multi-container as a first class feature, but for now D-in-D is the best way to achieve that
Jun 26 2017 15:36
does ResinOS not contain cron scheduling by default?
Vijay Sharma
Jun 26 2017 15:48
@shaunmulligan Could you point me to an example for D-in-D approach. I can try that one out and see it works? team
Jun 26 2017 17:34
[Alexandros Marinos (alexandrosm)] @qwhi not sure what you're referring to -- you should be putting everything you need in the container