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Jan 2018
Alexis Susset
Jan 14 2018 11:24
has anyone worked with RESIN_HOST_CONFIG within container?
I’m trying to code an alert when specific configuration items haven’t been applied to the App/Device team
Jan 14 2018 13:32
[Alexandros Marinos (alexandrosm)] @alexissusset we're working on something along those lines, but can you give a bit more detail about the case? What do you mean about specific configuration items not being applied to the app/device?
Jan 14 2018 15:55
Any updates on the Etcher Pro? I would really like one, like really really like one
Alexis Susset
Jan 14 2018 16:38
@alexandrosm I’m looking at checking if the following vars have been set:
and print a message if they haven't team
Jan 14 2018 16:42
[Alexandros Marinos (alexandrosm)] @alexissusset don't you have access to these from the container?
Alexis Susset
Jan 14 2018 16:43
@alexandrosm hum nope they don’t seem to be populated (they’re set in my app in this extract):
root@6fd055c:/usr/src/app# set | grep RESIN
RESIN_HOST_OS_VERSION='Resin OS 2.7.8+rev1'
Jan 14 2018 16:44
[Alexandros Marinos (alexandrosm)] if we don't expose them to the container, we'll need to build an API on the supervisor
[Alexandros Marinos (alexandrosm)] the alternative of course is to put the SDK in the container and ask the server directly
[Alexandros Marinos (alexandrosm)] but that's suboptimal for a bunch of reasons
Alexis Susset
Jan 14 2018 16:45
That’s what I was trying to avoid :) Can always put the SDK in our backend but devices may move between apps so was looking for an elegant way of checking there team
Jan 14 2018 16:46
[Alexandros Marinos (alexandrosm)] @pcarranzav, maybe we can consider these env vars too for the config endpoint?
[Alexandros Marinos (alexandrosm)] @alexissusset -- we're working on something relevant, let's see if we can sneak these in there too.
Alexis Susset
Jan 14 2018 16:47
That’d be awesome :) We’re already checking Env Vars within container and remindig Ops to set them correct, feels like it’d be nice to have that for Fleet vars as well
Endre Karlson
Jan 14 2018 18:45
@resinio Hi, is the intel nuc image not updated yet in stable / prod ? it was supposed to be bumped to 2.9.x according to someone from this week... team
Jan 14 2018 18:55
[Florin-Ionut Sarbu (floion)] hi @ekarlso we needed to make a last minute inclusion so we hope to have the release maybe tomorrow the earliest
[Florin-Ionut Sarbu (floion)] there is a Pr for this release: resin-os/resin-intel#99
[Florin-Ionut Sarbu (floion)] sorry about that, we needed to include a new verison of the resin supervisor in order to address a bug
Endre Karlson
Jan 14 2018 18:57
@resinio ok, is balena included there or ? team
Jan 14 2018 18:57
[Florin-Ionut Sarbu (floion)] yes it is
Endre Karlson
Jan 14 2018 18:58
sweet :)