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Jan 2018
Peter Allworth
Jan 23 2018 06:00
In trying to build resin-beaglebone v2.7.8+rev1 on an Ubuntu 16.04 laptop, barys keeps reporting "oe_runmake failed" errors. Has anyone else seen this behaviour?
Peter Allworth
Jan 23 2018 06:07
Sorry. I realise I should have posted to resinos-chat.
Miklós Tusz
Jan 23 2018 18:09
Question about updating the resin os version: is it possible to somehow do OS updates the same way that container updates are done so that update.lock is checked?
If not, then there's no good way to update a device in the field without possibly rebooting unexpectedly while in use. team
Jan 23 2018 18:38
[Alison Davis (alisondavis17)] @imrehg, maybe one for you? ^
Gergely Imreh
Jan 23 2018 18:45

@mdtusz at the moment update lock is not checked, and the reboot is necessary at the end of the OS update.

We are thinking about these use cases, and how to handle them well.
Part of the difficulty is that the user application is kept running for minimal downtime during the update, and that's probably not the way to handle things if the lock is taken account (if the application is running during the update, then it might not been in a state that required locks, but during the update it might have gotten into one)

Thinking about the latest update methodology, it might be possible to delay the reboot, though, and do it manually, or when the lock is released. Taking a note to discuss it further internally!