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Jan 2018
Minh Nguyen
Jan 25 2018 10:00
anyone can tell me if it's possible to embedded the config.json downloaded from Resin Dashboard to the image when build? (./resin-yocto-scripts/build/barys) team
Jan 25 2018 16:48
[Alexandros Marinos (alexandrosm)] @sandpox maybe ask the question in the forum so the team can see it. I think it can be done with the CLI
Shaun Mulligan
Jan 25 2018 16:53
@SandPox and @alexandrosm I think a config.json is already put into the image during build time, but it does not contain any of the specific stuff. I think it only has things like hostname and device-type, this is atleast what resinOS unmanaged has after a build
James Gentes
Jan 25 2018 18:00
does anyone know if it's possible to access resin environment variables ( from within a docker container?
Including them in the dockerfile is one option, but I'm not sure that is possible to do dynamically
Shaun Mulligan
Jan 25 2018 18:06
@jgentes all env vars are automatically added to the containers environment on container start up. Do you not see them if you use the webTerminal and type printenv
James Gentes
Jan 25 2018 18:12
haven't tried that, thanks @shaunmulligan - i'll give it a look!