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Is any one there
Paloma Jiménez
Does anyone know if you can easily set a base url for all routes with restify? We have the version of our api in the url and I want to avoid typing "/v1/resource" for every route.
Austin Riendeau
There use to be a project called restify-namespace. Don’t know if its still being developed or not.
thanks @apriendeau I'll check it out
Mario Pareja
We're using it, but it is limited to simple routes.
(Disclaimer, I wrote the thing.... lol)
It's got solid test coverage, we just haven't had the need for regex-based routes. /cc @rkstedman
Building dtrace-provider failed with exit code 1 and signal 0 <-- anyone knows what is up with this?
Salvador López Mendoza
Nick Parsons
Anyone available to point me in the right direction for debugging? A route is working perfectly okay on localhost; however, when deployed on Heroku, I receive a 405 Method Not Allowed.
Hii, is anyone having an issue installing with npm install restify??
Alexander Alimovs
@nparsons08, sorted?
@rkstedman could you find a solution for the base url problem ? the restify-namespace solution does not work with our restify server ...
Hi, Is there good practices to prevent DDOS attacks on services that uses node-restify?
@moszeed I ended up writing my own little helper function - https://gist.github.com/rkstedman/1a66fb733cd9c48fb43b
Nicholas Glenn
Quick question: is it possible create a separate route object and then add it to a server object via use(), similar to Express? It would be nice to group routes and define middleware for that group in an isolated manner.
Baris Balic
@mcavage I am using restify for a couple of APIs, each of which will expose an endpoint then pipe the request through a series of middlewares, some decorate the request for later stages in the pipeline, others decorate the response. I'm not particularly happy about the way I'm arbitrarily adding to the response, but I can't think of a better way to do this. I am also using the on('after') callback to actually return the response, because I always have the ready-built response by the end of the pipeline.
Adam Creeger
@barisbalic Have you looked at "formatters" to decorate the response? http://mcavage.me/node-restify/#content-negotiation
Baris Balic
@acreeger, I've seen that but the decoration is dependent on the route, and I would still need to res.send explicitly.
(unless I am missing something obvious)
What is the best way to rewrite http PUT request to restify.HttpClient
http.request( {
   hostname: ..,
   port: ...,
   path: ...
   method: 'PUT'
the returned request stream should be used with pipe
Is there possible with HttpClient to pipe put stream ?
Hey, is the underlying Router exposed so I can chain my routes off of it, Express style?
Also, does Restify not respect the order of middleware?
Amarnath Ravikumar
hey guys, I use the audit plugin in my app. I noticed recently that there are several log entries without a remoteAddress set. Why would that be? From the little snooping of the code that I did, I saw that the audit plugin uses req.connection.remoteAddress - should I manually patch it and use the request-ip module instead?
Matt Broadstone
Hi, I'm continuously getting a "405 Method Not Allowed" when using restify with aurelia. Nothing in this restify/node-restify#284 seems to do the trick. Anyone have a second to help out here?
Baris Balic
Anyone here familiar with the 'after' event callback? I suspect it is firing before my last middleware has finished doing it's bit.
I have a client application that can't handle 404/403/etc - it's just a generic undifferentiated error so it can't process it properly. Is there a name for an API that returns 200 with the code as a message instead?
Jeff Mealo
I just submitted PR #896 and all of the tests run locally, however, they fail on CI. I had to make a slight revision and I think something is being cached now. Has anyone run into this?
Jeff Mealo
weird, I did a fresh clone and checked out my branch and now the tests fail, but they worked on my machine prior to that, womp womp
Jeff Mealo
@mcavage: @gergelyke: ping restify/clients#11 restify/node-restify#896
Baris Balic
Hi, I am having some issues when I try to send many POST requests, where the server doesn't allow us to send more than 300 messages at the same time, which is the number of connections it has configured on its end.
Is there some setting in the rectify client to reuse the same connection or to close the connection?
Just updated to Node 4.2.1 and now restify is broken because dtrace is not installing. Can anybody point me in the right direction?
Dan Caragea
anyone managed to make restify work with SSE?
@lukebrdn move2express
Corey Beaumont
Anyone home? How do you prefer to do functional testing?
@CoreySwish I do end to end testing with supertest... I actually query the API
Corey Beaumont
This message was deleted

@avimar i’m using supertest and tape for functional testing. I’m new to both. I’m running into an issue where the test script will not complete. The actual test runs, but the test script does not conclude. Could restify be holding a connection open?

The Test:

var supertest = require('supertest');
var test = require('tape');
var app = require('../app');
var request = supertest.agent('http://localhost:8080');

test('that fantasy player predictions are returned', function(t){
  'use strict';

    .expect('Content-Encoding', 'gzip')
    .end(function(err, res){
      t.equal(2 + 3, 5);
      t.error(err, 'No error');


You can see the tests are evaluating, but then the test stoip and i have to control+c out of the script. Any thoughts?

The output:

ubuntu@ip-123-34-56-567:~/apps/sapiv0$ npm test

> sapi@1.0.0 test /home/ubuntu/apps/sapiv0
> node test | tap-spec

    SAPI listening at

  that fantasy player predictions are returned

    ✔ should be equal
    ✔ No error
Corey Beaumont
Ive done some checking and can see that the test script is not entering into the callback of end request.end(function(){//Not Getting Here});
Corey Beaumont
I take that back it is entering into the callback but very slow
Tim Branyen

I'd like to take a URL pathname and match it to an existing restify route handler and get the params from it. basically URL path matching.


server.get('/some/random/:path', function() { / / });


{path: 'value'}

Maybe via some method I don't know that works like:


Robert Lindstädt
Hi. Probably asked before: is there a way to server.end() like the node base 'http' module? I am trying to get supertest w/ tape running, but obviously the test will never end because of the socket being open.
hmm. now scrolling up there could be an answer(?) :)