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Repo info
    Henrik Andersson
    @chovy I would also like to point out that mongo is still AGPL licensed and I'm pretty sure no one ever said Mongo has had hard time being adopted by people and companies. Same goes for BerkeleyDB and others: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_software_under_the_GNU_AGPL
    Christopher S. Case
    @ha1331 Yeah our workload contains a bunch of geojson, which tends to be highly compressible, but as we're using rethink just for logging, we couldn't (well, didn't) clue rethink in on which bits were geometries and which weren't, so I think that our comparison ended up being rather unfair to rethink. Though, I can say that everyone loved ReQL, and we're a little sad to lose it. Still, we basically thoroughly abused a rethink cluster that we started with nothing but the defaults and honestly probably have it on some underpowered vms... and it's just handled it for the last year and a half. I mean, I can't complain too loudly, and it really underscores how well rethink works "out of the box". You can do some pretty nasty things to it and it just keeps going.
    Does anyone know why my table would have a key called args
    that has a bunch of descendants called args?
    I can’t figure out if its a rethink query doing this or something else.
    it seems to get worse over time. with an update.
    I believe its this statement when updating an existing doc
          const res = await this.r.table('products').insert(item, {
              conflict: (id, oldDoc, newDoc) => {
                return Object.assign(item, oldDoc.merge(newDoc.without("createdAt")));
              returnChanges: true
    oldDoc.args exists
    Tu Huynh
    anyone there?
    Newbie question!
    I don't know how to get the rusult for below quey:
    r.connect({host: 'IP', port: 28015, db: 'myDB'}, function (err, conn) {
        if (err) throw err;
        r.table('devices').getField('display').filter({url: 'someValue'}).run(conn, function (err, cursor) {
            // How to get the result from here???
    Hi @TuHuynhVan. This is from the docs:
    r.table('authors').run(connection, function(err, cursor) {
        if (err) throw err;
        cursor.toArray(function(err, result) {
            if (err) throw err;
            console.log(JSON.stringify(result, null, 2));
    Tu Huynh
    Thanks @grantcarthew so much, going to give a try right now.
    Tu Huynh
    Thanks @grantcarthew , base on that I could move ahead.
    Hello. type ch struct { field string}
    r.Table(“one”).Insert( ch).RunWrite(sess)
    Is it possible to save struct to rethinkdb?
    @TuHuynhVan :smile:
    Roberto Di Lillo
    hi guys
    I'm using rethinkDbDash as a connection driver, is it the right place to look for an answer? :)

    I added the following event to my node script

    db.getPoolMaster().on('healthy', function(healthy) {
      if (healthy) {
        console.log('########## HEALTLY ############');
        console.log('OPENED CONN: ' , db.getPoolMaster().getLength());
        console.log('AVAILABLE CONN: ' , db.getPoolMaster().getAvailableLength());
      else {
        console.log('!!!!!!!!!!! UNHEALTLY !!!!!!!!!');
        console.log('OPENED CONN: ' , db.getPoolMaster().getLength());
        console.log('AVAILABLE CONN: ' , db.getPoolMaster().getAvailableLength());

    however , calling the API locally , never display any of these logs.
    Is it possible that the db state doesn't ever change?

    Roberto Di Lillo

    also, the documentation says:

    The driver execute one query per connection.

    does it mean that if i have 10 concurrent user making 3 queries together by using the web browser, i ll have 30 connection on my Database?

    should I be worry about scalability of my web app in the long run? (how can a DB manage so many connections?)
    @koop4 Yes, using rethinkdbdash you can configure the number of maximum connections. For the event not being triggered that is strange. I never really used that feature (yet). I think there is more people on Github , your issue would be tagged as a question.
    Since you can use rethinkdb to stream, it requires 1 connection per query for that reason. If you stream a result, you need a connection from the client to the database
    Roberto Di Lillo

    Hi again!
    We set up a 3 instance cluster, and after connecting throught ssh we’re reading cpu performances.
    We saw that 1 of these instances has his cpu working at 150%, while the other 2 barely works.

    on the DB gui we can see:
    on 1 instance: 33 Primaries, 2 secondary
    on 1 instance: 32 secondaries, 1 Primaries
    on 1 instance: 32 secondaries 1 Primaries

    We don't really know how to split the workload. any idea?

    Thomas Bereczky
    Hey Guys
    anyone around
    I'm a beginner with rethinkdb
    and I need some advice
    regarding security
    I'm trying to implement horizon
    and I want local authentication
    is there a good explanation how to achieve that?
    using JWT tokens
    Thomas Bereczky
    Hey hey
    I would like to hire someone for assistance with Horizon
    anyone interested?
    paulo lelis
    Hi need help pls
    how can i get the clients online ?
    Alisson Cavalcante Agiani
    As a RethinkDB user since 2014, I find it quite frustrating that we have a freshly new release(2.4) frozen for almost a year because of inertia. I tried contacting ex-developers without success for some time. I'm one of those that still believe on the technology, a year and a half has passed since the startup failed and still I don't see any database in the market fitting the same niche of RethinkDB.
    Right now the communication is awful, we have a slack channel advertised as official which new users can't enter, so the community is scattered between Slack, Discord, IRC, Gitter and Google Groups. So I'm sending this message everywhere: if we get a bunch of volunteers, we could fork the database, create a new organization and devise a plan to release the 2.4 version as soon as possible. There is already work done in the future 2.5 version and I'm paying a developer to add data compression to Rethink, we could setup a OpenCollective for other developers interested in advancing the database future. What do you think?
    Alisson Cavalcante Agiani
    we've created a spectrum channel to talk about the fork effort, in case anyone interested in collaborate: https://spectrum.chat/rebirthdb
    can someone help with rethinkdb install on debian stretch?
    Paulo Henrique
    @thelinuxlich that's a nice initiative, i still believing on RethinkDB as well! Unfortunately i can't work on it now, but i hope the community will make it back alive. :(
    @thelinuxlich Thats an awesome initiative. I am new to database development and I like how RethinkDB works. Glad to see effort in the project.
    Hi All , I connected sails js with rethink DB . I am able to perform get,post and delete operation but facing issue for put(update) call . issue : " "rawStack": ": Primary key id cannot be changed " . Please provide me input here . I am making put call from Restlet client (google chrome plugin) http://localhost:1337/view/1b0c89b2-b4b9-4850-af6f-e0cb66d39034?name=test3. PLease help me for same.
    Paul "Joey" Clark
    @kontactmaneesh Maybe don't send the id as part of the update?
    Send PUT /things/1b0c89b2-sdlkjfs with a request body but don't put any id in the request body.