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Repo info
    Tu Huynh
    I don't know how to get the rusult for below quey:
    r.connect({host: 'IP', port: 28015, db: 'myDB'}, function (err, conn) {
        if (err) throw err;
        r.table('devices').getField('display').filter({url: 'someValue'}).run(conn, function (err, cursor) {
            // How to get the result from here???
    Hi @TuHuynhVan. This is from the docs:
    r.table('authors').run(connection, function(err, cursor) {
        if (err) throw err;
        cursor.toArray(function(err, result) {
            if (err) throw err;
            console.log(JSON.stringify(result, null, 2));
    Tu Huynh
    Thanks @grantcarthew so much, going to give a try right now.
    Tu Huynh
    Thanks @grantcarthew , base on that I could move ahead.
    Hello. type ch struct { field string}
    r.Table(“one”).Insert( ch).RunWrite(sess)
    Is it possible to save struct to rethinkdb?
    @TuHuynhVan :smile:
    Roberto Di Lillo
    hi guys
    I'm using rethinkDbDash as a connection driver, is it the right place to look for an answer? :)

    I added the following event to my node script

    db.getPoolMaster().on('healthy', function(healthy) {
      if (healthy) {
        console.log('########## HEALTLY ############');
        console.log('OPENED CONN: ' , db.getPoolMaster().getLength());
        console.log('AVAILABLE CONN: ' , db.getPoolMaster().getAvailableLength());
      else {
        console.log('!!!!!!!!!!! UNHEALTLY !!!!!!!!!');
        console.log('OPENED CONN: ' , db.getPoolMaster().getLength());
        console.log('AVAILABLE CONN: ' , db.getPoolMaster().getAvailableLength());

    however , calling the API locally , never display any of these logs.
    Is it possible that the db state doesn't ever change?

    Roberto Di Lillo

    also, the documentation says:

    The driver execute one query per connection.

    does it mean that if i have 10 concurrent user making 3 queries together by using the web browser, i ll have 30 connection on my Database?

    should I be worry about scalability of my web app in the long run? (how can a DB manage so many connections?)
    @koop4 Yes, using rethinkdbdash you can configure the number of maximum connections. For the event not being triggered that is strange. I never really used that feature (yet). I think there is more people on Github , your issue would be tagged as a question.
    Since you can use rethinkdb to stream, it requires 1 connection per query for that reason. If you stream a result, you need a connection from the client to the database
    Roberto Di Lillo

    Hi again!
    We set up a 3 instance cluster, and after connecting throught ssh we’re reading cpu performances.
    We saw that 1 of these instances has his cpu working at 150%, while the other 2 barely works.

    on the DB gui we can see:
    on 1 instance: 33 Primaries, 2 secondary
    on 1 instance: 32 secondaries, 1 Primaries
    on 1 instance: 32 secondaries 1 Primaries

    We don't really know how to split the workload. any idea?

    Thomas Bereczky
    Hey Guys
    anyone around
    I'm a beginner with rethinkdb
    and I need some advice
    regarding security
    I'm trying to implement horizon
    and I want local authentication
    is there a good explanation how to achieve that?
    using JWT tokens
    Thomas Bereczky
    Hey hey
    I would like to hire someone for assistance with Horizon
    anyone interested?
    paulo lelis
    Hi need help pls
    how can i get the clients online ?
    Alisson Cavalcante Agiani
    As a RethinkDB user since 2014, I find it quite frustrating that we have a freshly new release(2.4) frozen for almost a year because of inertia. I tried contacting ex-developers without success for some time. I'm one of those that still believe on the technology, a year and a half has passed since the startup failed and still I don't see any database in the market fitting the same niche of RethinkDB.
    Right now the communication is awful, we have a slack channel advertised as official which new users can't enter, so the community is scattered between Slack, Discord, IRC, Gitter and Google Groups. So I'm sending this message everywhere: if we get a bunch of volunteers, we could fork the database, create a new organization and devise a plan to release the 2.4 version as soon as possible. There is already work done in the future 2.5 version and I'm paying a developer to add data compression to Rethink, we could setup a OpenCollective for other developers interested in advancing the database future. What do you think?
    Alisson Cavalcante Agiani
    we've created a spectrum channel to talk about the fork effort, in case anyone interested in collaborate: https://spectrum.chat/rebirthdb
    can someone help with rethinkdb install on debian stretch?
    Paulo Henrique
    @thelinuxlich that's a nice initiative, i still believing on RethinkDB as well! Unfortunately i can't work on it now, but i hope the community will make it back alive. :(
    @thelinuxlich Thats an awesome initiative. I am new to database development and I like how RethinkDB works. Glad to see effort in the project.
    Hi All , I connected sails js with rethink DB . I am able to perform get,post and delete operation but facing issue for put(update) call . issue : " "rawStack": ": Primary key id cannot be changed " . Please provide me input here . I am making put call from Restlet client (google chrome plugin) http://localhost:1337/view/1b0c89b2-b4b9-4850-af6f-e0cb66d39034?name=test3. PLease help me for same.
    Paul "Joey" Clark
    @kontactmaneesh Maybe don't send the id as part of the update?
    Send PUT /things/1b0c89b2-sdlkjfs with a request body but don't put any id in the request body.
    Thanks for reply but I am not sending id keyword as a part of update key . Am I missing anything else ? But I observed that update issue is coming when I am connecting with rethindb if I am using localdb/file system , working fine .
    Alisson Cavalcante Agiani
    @MrHerickS if you test the new release once it is shipped, it would be help enough :)
    rkySOQ2ym-Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 16.32.24.jpg
    first screen of the new Admin UI(electron)
    Timon Bolier
    A new room openen for the php-rethink-ql driver for RethinkDB, you can find it here https://gitter.im/rethinkdb-php/Lobby for our repository https://github.com/tbolier/php-rethink-ql , if you are a PHP developer and want to support RethinkDB and RebirthDB php driver development, please join us.

    I upgraded sails js version from v.12 to v1 but getting below issue while sails lift

    warn: Ignored attempt to bind route (/event-data) to unknown action :: EventdataController.find
    warn: Ignored attempt to bind route (/api/views) to unknown action :: ViewController.find
    warn: Ignored attempt to bind route (/api/views) to unknown action :: ViewController.crete
    warn: Ignored attempt to bind route (/api/views/:id) to unknown action :: ViewController.destroy
    Please let me know if you have any idea ??

    Please share me latest rethink Db adapter which is compatible with latest Sails JS >= 1.0. I have been using https://github.com/gutenye/sails-rethinkdb adapter for old version which is not working for latest sails js.
    I want to add validation for my server and do it with rethinkdb. I don’t wanna allow create new user with {username: 'newUser’} if I have already have another user with `{username: ’new.user’}’ . How can I validate it with rethinkdb?
    How to integrate reql in Actix web?
    jam lee
    Hi, guy, is there anyway to connect rethinkdb directly by my browser js?
    Christina Keelan Cottrell
    @Jamlee No development on Horizon, but it’s open source so you might have some luck trying that out… https://github.com/rethinkdb/horizon
    I'm planning to use rethinkdb for an iot project to store telemetry data. I came across a blog in mongodb regarding the schema design to store iot telemetry data. https://www.mongodb.com/blog/post/schema-design-for-time-series-data-in-mongodb . Is there something like this for rethinkdb stating best practices ? Would you recommend to use rethinkdb for such data ?