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Repo info
    @thelinuxlich Thats an awesome initiative. I am new to database development and I like how RethinkDB works. Glad to see effort in the project.
    Hi All , I connected sails js with rethink DB . I am able to perform get,post and delete operation but facing issue for put(update) call . issue : " "rawStack": ": Primary key id cannot be changed " . Please provide me input here . I am making put call from Restlet client (google chrome plugin) http://localhost:1337/view/1b0c89b2-b4b9-4850-af6f-e0cb66d39034?name=test3. PLease help me for same.
    Paul "Joey" Clark
    @kontactmaneesh Maybe don't send the id as part of the update?
    Send PUT /things/1b0c89b2-sdlkjfs with a request body but don't put any id in the request body.
    Thanks for reply but I am not sending id keyword as a part of update key . Am I missing anything else ? But I observed that update issue is coming when I am connecting with rethindb if I am using localdb/file system , working fine .
    Alisson Cavalcante Agiani
    @MrHerickS if you test the new release once it is shipped, it would be help enough :)
    rkySOQ2ym-Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 16.32.24.jpg
    first screen of the new Admin UI(electron)
    Timon Bolier
    A new room openen for the php-rethink-ql driver for RethinkDB, you can find it here https://gitter.im/rethinkdb-php/Lobby for our repository https://github.com/tbolier/php-rethink-ql , if you are a PHP developer and want to support RethinkDB and RebirthDB php driver development, please join us.

    I upgraded sails js version from v.12 to v1 but getting below issue while sails lift

    warn: Ignored attempt to bind route (/event-data) to unknown action :: EventdataController.find
    warn: Ignored attempt to bind route (/api/views) to unknown action :: ViewController.find
    warn: Ignored attempt to bind route (/api/views) to unknown action :: ViewController.crete
    warn: Ignored attempt to bind route (/api/views/:id) to unknown action :: ViewController.destroy
    Please let me know if you have any idea ??

    Please share me latest rethink Db adapter which is compatible with latest Sails JS >= 1.0. I have been using https://github.com/gutenye/sails-rethinkdb adapter for old version which is not working for latest sails js.
    I want to add validation for my server and do it with rethinkdb. I don’t wanna allow create new user with {username: 'newUser’} if I have already have another user with `{username: ’new.user’}’ . How can I validate it with rethinkdb?
    How to integrate reql in Actix web?
    jam lee
    Hi, guy, is there anyway to connect rethinkdb directly by my browser js?
    Christina Keelan Cottrell
    @Jamlee No development on Horizon, but it’s open source so you might have some luck trying that out… https://github.com/rethinkdb/horizon
    I'm planning to use rethinkdb for an iot project to store telemetry data. I came across a blog in mongodb regarding the schema design to store iot telemetry data. https://www.mongodb.com/blog/post/schema-design-for-time-series-data-in-mongodb . Is there something like this for rethinkdb stating best practices ? Would you recommend to use rethinkdb for such data ?
    Hi! Where can I get a simple example on how to create a simple CRUD up for using reql Rust-lang crate? I have been trying to get an answer from the maintainer of the Rethinkdb reql rust driver to no avail
    Paulo Henrique
    @thelinuxlich is the rebirthdb joined rethinkdb?
    Just was browsing on rethinkdb repo, and there is now a rebirthdb logo
    Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen
    RebirthDB was renamed to RethinkDB and took over the RethinkDB GitHub repository and Spectrum chat:
    Hopefully the NPM packages as well.
    Paulo Henrique
    Hm, nice. So now I'm getting new hopes on the project
    Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen
    we installed latest version of rethinkdb. after server hard drive crash. somehow we able to restore files by pasting them to current installation folder. now we were trying to do rethinkdb dump command via python 2.7 and rethinkdb driver fetch through pip.
    installation from pip throw error. and dump also not working
    so we are switching to python3 and pip2 installation of python rethinkdb works but when doing dump it says export failed.
    is there any updated wiki of what dependencies are required for ubuntu server. to make this work
    is there any go or nodejs package/tool out there to create database backups into zip files?
    Antonio Román
    Hello! I'm a RethinkDB user since April 2017 and I have been using it ever since. However, I'm experimental critical issues now that the db got somewhat massive.
    The version I use is the 2.3.6, and I'm experiencing a full outage every 3-4th day
    It always happens instantly after the server uses swap memory
    Happy Daddy
    Hello. Does anyone or just me that couldn't access https://rethinkdb.com/docs/python/?
    Sadly its gone. I just wished rethinkdb has a revival of some kind soon :(
    Paolo D.
    @hepidad there are just new links I think, like
    and https://rethinkdb.com/api/python/
    and so on
    Jorge Boneu
    hello everybody
    amr aboeleneen
    hello developers , i am bit newbie with rethinkDB , i have been trying to do the getIntersecting query but every time it does not return a record. although MongoDB returns couple of 100 000 records
    this is how i save the object & query them
    amr aboeleneen
    i got it now , i was using coordinates as spatial index, however it should've been rectangle
    now its working
    miroslav krsjak
    Hello, anybody able to build from sources on windows (cygwin). Followed every step, but this seems needs some maintenance from the rethinkdb team..
    Vitaliy Kanev

    Hello. I am about to delete account on Gitter as I don't use it anymore as a communication platform. I had account here in 2017 when I took break from Discord. I didn't knew I had Gitter account until I saw a link "Chat on Gitter" in some repository today.
    Now. I am more active on platforms like Slack (currently one workspace) and Discord (as VitalKanev#2348 - might change sometimes). If you want to talk with me, use Discord, or DM me on Twitter (@vitalkanev) or send me an email (vitalkanev at yandex.ru - had some old email before)

    Have a nice journey! - VitalKanev

    David Pineda
    hi guys, i'm user from rdb a couple of years ago. There a way to control the TTL of the data in the ram memory, clean on ram but not on disk?
    Hi, is there any working PHP driver available for Rethinkdb?
    Timon Bolier
    @unclechris I’m here the developer of it, but development on rethinkdb stopped completely it seems
    Hi all, i get a warning" Property 'sum' does not exist on type 'Table'.ts(2339)" in VSCode error context when i try to get the sum of a column of a table like this : rdb.table(table).sum('won').run(connection, function (err, res) . Has anyone else met that? Curious why this warning though the results are returned correct. Thanks in advance
    @tbolier What would be a good alternative that's under active development you think? I just revived a Rust project that makes use of RethinkDB and when I was trying to query with indeces it turned out that's not supported