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Jul 2015
Csaba Kozák
Jul 08 2015 17:23
@rgladwell, you rebased and force pushed the master branch. You should never do that in a non-topic public branch!
Moreover, lots of merge commits disappeared due to the rebase, which were containing valuable information about the original topic branch and commit grouping.
Ricardo Gladwell
Jul 08 2015 18:14
There was some personal information I released I needed to redact.
Csaba Kozák
Jul 08 2015 18:15
i understand...
maybe you should at least restore the merge commits. You can reset to 2a39b737421b769d4c48e89d2fc6b3339122d3c5, then cherry pick 809bf34 and 55bc98da15
Csaba Kozák
Jul 08 2015 18:20
Next time you can use the -p flag to preserve merge commits while rebasing