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Jun 2018
Roland Huß
Jun 17 2018 06:11
The problem is that the 'path' is applied on the whole structure of the return value. But for a wildcard read, the first level is the MBean name, so would have to use "java.lang:name=Par%20Eden%20Space,type=MemoryPool/used" as path. Not very useful, I know, so reading with path on a wildcard read doesnt not make much sense currently.
Ah, just rediscovered that you can use a wildcard in the path, too.
@jdonofrio728 could you try curl 'http://localhost:8778/jolokia/read/java.lang:type=MemoryPool,name=%2aEden%20Space/%2a/Usage ?

From the reference documentation:

Paths support wildcards * in a simple form. If given as a path part exclusively, it matches any entry and path matching continues on the next level. This feature is especially useful when using pattern read request together with paths. See Section 6.2.1, “Reading attributes (read)” for details. A * mixed with other characters in a path part has no special meaning and is used literally.