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    Vic-Dev opened #2655
this parsing of all my bundle.tag file (1.47Mo, 25000 line) take more than 5sec
this regexp is for delete html com
it's a performance killer
i think there is the same function in v4 to clean and with the same perfs killer that's why my browser crash in v4
when comment this code, the app still works without any error.
do you know if i can bring side effect or why this cleaning of comment is important ?
i open an issue for sharing this
i've patch the 2.6.9, and have a very good perfs in production.
bye guys, weekend :)
Hi guys, i m relatively new with Riot 4. Anyone know how to call to an external tag with Riot4. With Riot3, there's this.tags
<my-tag></mytag> <div class="wrapper"> <my-second-tag></my-second-tag> </div>
So how can i call <my-tag> to execute a function in export default { myfunction(){ this.update() } } from <my-second-tag> when i change a value in it
Any help would be appreciate

What s more, how can i achieve something like this el.on(hello-event, function(greeting) {
self.hi = greeting

// trigger start event with one parameter
el.trigger('hello-event', 'Hello!')

el.on('hello-event',function(){ }) in Riot 4
Georges Gomes
Dear riots, just a quick note, we added support for Riot in https://webcomponents.dev (Thanks @GianlucaGuarini for the help)
Would love to hear your feedback. Could be a very good tool for prototyping and reporting issues as it is - IMHO
greetings all, anyone using parcel?
I'm getting the following error and im not sure why, given that the files in question exist.
rhys@victorious-wanyamaha:~/dev/grozmite/src$ parcel index.html 
Server running at http://localhost:1234 
⠙ Building app.js...Browserslist: caniuse-lite is outdated. Please run next command  npm update caniuse-lite browserslist
🚨  /home/rhys/dev/grozmite/src/app.js:3:19: Cannot resolve dependency './tags/add-num.riot' at '/home/rhys/dev/grozmite/src/tags/add-num.riot'
  1 | import * as riot from 'riot'
  2 | 
> 3 | import addnum from './tags/add-num.riot'
    |                   ^
  4 | import listnum from './tags/list-num.riot'
  5 | 
  6 | riot.register('add-num', addnum)
Browserslist: caniuse-lite is outdated. Please run next command  npm update caniuse-lite browserslist
hi all, i am beginner with riot, i don't understand difference between <component>{variable}</component> and <component>{state.variable2}</component>. Someone can explain me? can i update one with this.update and other with this.update(variable2: "something")?
Hello all. I am stuck with an issue integrating RiotJS in my Rails application. It would be a great help if anybody can spare some time for guiding in resolving the issues. I have posted my issues at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58464371/unable-to-execute-riotjs-tags-in-rails-application. Thanks.
what version of chromium supports riotjs v4?
Brock Atkinson
@rhysallister I use parcel, looks correct to me (as long as file ref is correct) - although I avoid hyphens in my filenames, perhaps try that?
Brock Atkinson
@lucabassplayer89 you are correct in that there are slight differences between accessing an exposed variable versus state (state is just an exposed object), it's more for developer organization + productivity
can't answer your second question unfortunately
Brock Atkinson
@jigxee_twitter unfortunately I can't help with your exact problem, but your layout looks much more complex than anything I've done - I always try to get code working from first principles: I use parcel.js and haven't had an issue, my core tag is always <app> (index.html ref: <div id='app'></div>) and have it up and running in 15 ~ 20 LOC
@tu3816329 I was able to achieve .on('ev', ev => {}) by actively declaring the a new EventEmitter() in my .js file and then triggering the event when required
Brock Atkinson
it's annoying that riot@4 removed events because they were handy, but they shouldn't be in the core
however, I ended up removing my event emitter and replacing it with a callback function
Hi all, in riot v4 i don't understand how use observable event correctly. In my example i have 2 component tag, parent and child and one observable object.
Parent listen to "parent-event" to read a boolean variable. From this it knows if child has to b shown or not. Child tag listens another event to update a value.
the problem is: parent is ok, component child is shown (boolean is true) but child tag doesn't listen the event to update value. I have inserted the observable.on("child-event", ...) in "onBeforeMount" of child tag. Help me thanks
@bufferUnderrun have you idea to use correctly observable in riot v4?
Jordan Brennan

Is this really how to do refs in v4:

<input ref="email" type="email">


Comparing that to v3 I just have to ask "why?" It was so much better:

<input ref="email" type="email">

kristdev (Franck Pambe)
Hello! Are there a videos about riotjs v4?
chrisands Hi, I have a question. Why not every public gitter chat available through riot?
Buddhika Chathuranga
Hello! How to create a Console.log() in riot. When I write a simple Console.log() in a function inside script is shows me Console is not defined. Please help me
yisusflores Hello good day!
Could you help me by indicating where I can consult information to do the debugging of the web project that I downloaded from the official repository?
Is there a room or site to learn about how to work in developer mode in riot projects in its versions, Web, Android and IOs?
greetings folks, having an issue with riot 3. I have a text input with a function that does an XMLHttpRequest when the input loses focus. it basically checks to see if the text in the box exists in the database. I have a <span> with an if= condition. the function does the request, gets an array of names, and checks if the input.value is present and set the if= variable accordingly. Everything works as expected except for the fact that the screen only updates on a second onblur event. i.e, if I type a word in the box and click out, nothing happens, but if i click in the box and then defocus a second time, the page updates.
nevermind..... I forgot to add an update call
Hi, does riot version 3.13.2 support IE11?
Alexander Praetorius
one question - how can i find a gitter room under "explore"?
I can find one of the gitter rooms i want to add, but not the other one. Do I need to change some settings somewhere?

jlj > <@gitter_serapath:matrix.org> cheers.

one question - how can i find a gitter room under "explore"?
I can find one of the gitter rooms i want to add, but not the other one. Do I need to change some settings somewhere?

Gitter is in the drop-down menu to the right in Explore. Presumably selecting All Rooms there would work as well. Or have you already tried that?

ZeroCostAbstraction how can i make the buttons bigger, not just the font?
ZeroCostAbstraction the buttons seem comically small on a larger screen :D
Updated with Riot 5
Well done, it's indeed much smaller 👏
how to use route in Asp.Net +?