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Aug 2015
Claudio Holanda
Aug 10 2015 01:49
Indeed, it was some quirk of my phone (or perhaps its 5.473 apps opened), after closing most apps, no more crashes happened.
Aug 10 2015 04:36
how does one make non object arrays work with coffeescript...the example given in the docs throws an error cuz its not proper cs.
Aug 10 2015 12:32
on my S3 phone, stock browser hangs on both, chrome for android loads them ok
Aug 10 2015 13:57
just curious did someone let know about the riot example ? I don't use twitter.
Claudio Holanda
Aug 10 2015 15:13
He was mentioned in @GianlucaGuarini tweet:
Tim Davis
Aug 10 2015 15:53
Both versions work on my nexus 5. Have to jump through some hoops to get the csv files though.
Tim Davis
Aug 10 2015 15:58
That's mobile chrome
Claudio Holanda
Aug 10 2015 16:15
For a better representation of the results, here are two graphs comparing Riot vs React vs Vanilla
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"Desktop": Macbook Pro Retina 2014 2,3 GHz i7
Mobile: Sony Xperia Z3
Claudio Holanda
Aug 10 2015 16:21
Each "image" added consists of 7 new HTML elements on the DOM
Sylvain Pollet-Villard
Aug 10 2015 16:51
these are lovely graphs to put in my next team meeting ;)
Claudio Holanda
Aug 10 2015 17:05
the funny thing is that the number of lines of code in Riot were (literally) half of those in React
At the end I was like "How is this even running?! I've certainly forgot to add some code complexity here" hehe