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Jan 2016
Jan 22 2016 05:53
What's going on? from riot 2.1 to 2.3..latest on bower, it seems this.update({val:'val'}); clobbers the old values with undefined... but it's still there in _item. This parent/child thing has caused me lots of trouble.... what's going on? somehow this.success=true; this.update(); is fine though!
Claudio Holanda
Jan 22 2016 21:05

Hello everybody, we're working on a showcase for Riot. Its almost finished, and now we need... projects! :smile: If you have a personal project using Riot, or built something at work, a website, an app, even a component, it is welcome at the showcase.

Here is the project webpage (we're still working on it): (yes, its empty! Lets fill it!)

To add a project you just have to submit a pull request with a small piece of JSON and a project image. More info here.