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Mar 2017
Jakub R Pawlowski
Mar 16 2017 00:10 UTC
What is your strategy for AJAX with Riot? Are you using vanilla, $ or any other library? Any suggestion for a minimalist?
Vaggelis Papadogiannakis
Mar 16 2017 00:53 UTC
Richard Tallent
Mar 16 2017 05:29 UTC
@jakubrpawlowski, I use JQuery -- I'm already loading it for Semantic UI, it's fast, I'm comfy with it, and since I need IE11 support, fetch isn't an option. That said, I'm finding myself using less and less JQuery outside of AJAX calls and relying more on vanilla JS and Riot's refs and events.
Mar 16 2017 08:19 UTC
@jakubrpawlowski I am using snippets from but in the end that is not such much related to riot, as it is at the other end of your stores if you use riot with riotcontrol.
Jakub R Pawlowski
Mar 16 2017 09:21 UTC
@octotree lol that's what I've been using too for now :)