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Repo info
    Ross Hadden
    I'm glad you made this! We had been saying we should break those methods out into their own repo for ages
    I don't like _.isBlank, since !_.isPresent is just as easy and clear
    Also you should make it work in npm so it can be used for node projects. Obviously the ember stuff won't apply, and shouldn't be in that build
    Eventually. When you get time. So... never :)
    Rob Hilgefort
    @rosshadden yep!
    @rosshadden isBlank is for consistency and to not be tooo opinionated. If someone doesn’t think isBlank is needed- there’s no harm in ignoring it.
    as it’s implemtation is exactly !_.isPresent
    Ross Hadden
    Hahahahah RTFR
    Rob Hilgefort
    ^ is the roadmap and change log
    If you care to take on that challenge, it would be much appreciated!