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Repo info
Chris Combs
@SteveALee I believe this is the old room and there trying to move everyone to the new room senecajs/Seneca
Steve Lee
@combsco thanks, that makes sense.
Richard Rodger
@combsco yes for that level of dynamic behaviour you would need a custom store
hey, if anyone has any remote remote , designer, DevOps or Sysadmin jobs they can post them at http://webwork.io
Rocky Assad
what’s the appropriate way of responding from a seneca.add() service with a pdf (application/pdf)?
Wyatt Preul
I would reply with a URI or reference on where to download the pdf from
@fourq there is also a #senecajs/seneca channel which is more active
herii purnama
Can make service search data by Seneca ?
recommendation or referral ?
Bastian Wegge
Hey guys! I'm just working my way through the "get-started" part. I have some big projects I'd like to convert to mostly seneca microservices but my impression is that there were some breaking changes over the last couple of months. I've read some issues of yours (nearForm) about creating new getting-started documents and I'm curious about whether you'd appreciate some help :). My way of saying hello!
Jan Viktor Apel
hey there! anyone using seneca-amqp-transport?
Mihai Dima
the channel moved to senecajs/seneca
i saw some amqp discussions there
Jan Viktor Apel
@mihaidma thanks
Phuong Le
Hey, anyone using amqp for long running process?
Phuong Le
Jan Viktor Apel
Go to senecajs/seneca channels
This one is dead
Phuong Le
Seneca does not support?
Jan Viktor Apel
This channel is not beging used anymore
Go to senecajs/seneca channels
Phuong Le
Tks, asking there but no response
how we can know how many concurrent call can be done in seneca?
Jan Viktor Apel
This channel is not beging used anymore
Go to senecajs/seneca channel