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Jul 2015
Roger Labbe
Jul 25 2015 02:26
Yes, I think you need to put %matplotlib notebook into every cell. It seems flakey, sometimes the graph will not regenerate no matter what.
There is a tension that I am trying to balance with the charts - I want more interactivity, but some people use the PDF version of the book. The interactive charting software have not implemented the hooks that allow nbconvert (which converts the notebooks into latex which I then convert to PDF) to extract the graphs. I'm sort of thinking about parsing the notebooks prior to running nbconvert, and replacing the interactive charts with boring old matplotlib, and then executing the cells.
Also, colors are tricky. I'm talking to publishers, and print will be black and white. I keep changing the plot settings to make the plots readable in B&W, but that seems like a bit of a waste of time - I can solve that problem when it comes time.
Roger Labbe
Jul 25 2015 02:32
I'll take a look at the code change you mentioned, and incorporate it if it makes sense in the context of all that. Thanks!
Roger Labbe
Jul 25 2015 03:36
@julenka I found the extra color a bit garish, and I am no designer. I opted to make the line width thicker, and change the grid to dotted lines. I think it is more readable now.
Julia Schwarz
Jul 25 2015 10:01
@rlabbe dotted lines is a better choice, especially if you're working in black and white. Thanks!