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Mar 2016
Roger Labbe
Mar 03 2016 15:52
Hi @msadowski , sure, typo reports are great! You can do it here or type up a github issue, whichever is easier.
Mateusz Sadowski
Mar 03 2016 19:33
would it make your life easier if I corrected them as I go and then make commits chapter by chapter and then make pull requests for the changes? I would be quite happy to do that since I'm planning to read the book 'cover to cover'
Roger Labbe
Mar 03 2016 19:35
yes, that is how most people have done it. Once or twice we have had issues where about every line is for some reason marked as a change (I suspect line endings differences between windows and linux), and endup with something like 50,000 lines changes. Of course i had to reject those because there was no reasonable way for me to code/word review before accepting. Just keep the repo up to date and there should be no problem. my pace of change has really slowed down so that shouldn't be an issue