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Repo info
    Rah Yuliantoro
    @jmsperu I come to a conclusion that it can be used for any business 😀. Whether it needs customization, it depends on your business model and workflow. But anyway it can be pushed until it fits your need.
    Actually, erpnext, or in this case frappe, reminds me of Ms Access or Filemaker.
    Sourabh Pruthi
    Hello everyone i want to know whether ESoC will happen in this year or not ?
    Ron Taylor
    Hi - is erpnext cloud down?
    AppSec Labs
    Hi. Having issues with S3 integeration for backups. Is this the right place to get help?
    The settings were saved and the bucket was created successfully, and the backup upload seems to work with the confirmation message, but in reality no files are uploaded to the S3 bucket
    hi all. tried to install erpnext several times. lots of failures. finally got it installed but then had another problem so wiped the server. what's the best tutorial for installing? none of the ones i've tried work 'as is'. installing on a dedicated service that has built-in vm's using baremetal tools. ubuntu 16.0.04. thanks
    Mirza Muhammad Waqar
    HI I am looking for a solution Payroll. We have a salary component Petrol Allowance. Which vary for every employee. How can I handle it?
    Any suggestion?
    Harsh Chaurasiya
    How to migrate database of particular module in erpnext platform.
    Let say I have created new dotypes in the HR module and some new fields in the existing doctypes but now I want to migrate all the changes that I have done .
    So can anyone tell me is there any way to migrate database of particular module.
    Alec Kerr
    Narendra Yadav
    Anyone using cloud sql for database. Global search not working with innodb database engine for global search table
    Mohamud Amin Ali

    Hello Guys..any one who could point me in the right direction here..

    I am looking to implement realtime updates on a custom page using publish_realtime..
    is this possible with version 12 and if so do i need to import any js files into my js script?


    Pirated Khan
    hello can any help me with custom field calculation
    @piratedkhan what do you want?
    What do you need ?
    Hi ,how can I freeze column in report ?
    it seems that after "bench --site test run-tests --app frappe" the mariadb is not cleared, because on the second run of it I get a lot of DuplicateEntryError. I am following https://frappeframework.com/docs/user/en/guides/automated-testing/unit-testing . Do I miss something?
    Sahil Rahman
    is this the community for frappe erpnext?
    Yes 👍
    ERPNext Issue.PNG
    Hey, I'm experiencing an issue after install ERPNext using https://github.com/frappe/frappe_docker. The installation completes successfully but when I'm setting up the system through the website setup wizard I get an error on the "Select your Domain" page. Error is above. I have attempted the install 3 times and get the same issue each time. This error occures when clicking the 'next' button on the webpage.