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Repo info
    salvattore is generating it's class well
    but my content is not here
    maybe I've forgotten something
    Do you have an idea please ?
    you were talking about empty columns yesterday
    I have that exact problem
    but you are talking about "adding the new content"
    what's "NEW" content ? I don't understand
    I'm trying to initialize salvattore for the first time in my html page
    thank you
    I have an angular loop that's generating the content from a JSon file
    Marius Rumpf
    Hey guys, I just published a new version with all the bugfixes included from the last months. Feel free to check it out
    Marius Rumpf
    @emma-uxrepublic The script is calling itself, there should be nothing left for you todo except just including the script file from salvattore. It checks your html and css then and creates a grid with the elements from it.
    saetia is expecting you to start with an empty container for your elements or even not a container. You can register the new container to use salvattore with the registerGrid command. If you want to add elements to your grid container you can use the appendElementscommand
    Hello Marius
    yeah I know but we are working with Salvattore and we were forced to call the script ourselves. We prevented it to call itself . With angular it's a little touchy.... also we have to filter items and reload salvattore after. But anyway thank you we will try to use those commands, maybe it will work
    Marius Rumpf
    @emma-uxrepublic You can find the methods we provide in the README.md under Methods
    Martin Jinda
    Hi guys, have you discuss about split two "blocks" into only one block, but still with 2 blocks width? Everything in 3 columns layout.
    Corey Zev
    anyone know what kind of browser support Salvattore has?
    found it
    hello everybody ... I repost the question emma asked cause we didnt found any solution.
    So we include in our Angular controller a function called salvattore() which we call when we load the datas into our app. It doesnt create any #grid element. But at least the datas are well formated in html/css formatted blocks and arranged by columns.
    The problem arise when we try to apply a filter on the datas, because the AngularJs filter does its job, filtering accordingly to the filter criteria, but the salvattore() function hides all the blocks.
    So now I may ask what is the best approach for including salvattore in AngularJS in order to filter elements, and avoid problems like ours ?
    is there any NPM install or BOWER install for salvattore?
    found it on npm.com :)
    Marius Rumpf
    @aesnyahsan bower install salvattoreand npm install salvattore will work
    how can i import Masonry grid layout in view mode in aurelia?
    Anyone use salvattore with rails 4 sprokets?
    Sergey Dubovik
    Thanks for great solution. Masonry jquery plugin didn't want to work properly on IE
    Craig Coles
    I have an issue with salvattore not responding when the media query changes
    Craig Coles
    Other people have experienced the same issue, some have managed to resolve it, some have not. Anyone out there can help a brother?
    Alexey Ch
    Hello! tis awesome pullrequest: "balanced columns" rnmp/salvattore#70 how I can download it?
    Craig Coles
    @soulcreate It appears there is a branch (https://github.com/rnmp/salvattore/tree/balanced-columns) that has that feature integrated, but it still has issues on resize
    Mahendran Nayar
    anyone got this issue..when salvattore.recreateColumns(grid) called the items order messed up
    Mahendran Nayar
    solved it with extra bottom element and calling $('items').insertBefore('.bottom-el')
    Please resolve this issue: rnmp/salvattore#191 with ASAP
    Stuart Romanek
    feels dumb and easy but how do i set the amt of columns i want to start with?
    Steven Costello
    So question. Im having an issue in safari. Its not working in sfari but is working in all other browsers. Is there something special that Im suppose to do for safari
    used exact example code
    only thing I changed was the id from #grid to #cant_miss_grid
    since im going to be using more then 1 per page
    Aslan French
    Out of curiosity, how difficult is it to get this thing to work with lazy loading? I'm a designer learning code,building my first CMS based website and I'm trying to build a gallery with lazy load, masonry layout, and lightbox. I can get 2 out of 3 at any one time, but once I add in lazy load it breaks my current masonry framework (called Macy.js) and I can't figure out how to fix it.
    so I thought I might try salvattore if that was fairly simple to do