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Repo info
    Asbjorn Enge
    Hi folks :-)
    I've been using the browser plugin on linux with much success :clap: :grin:
    Trying the cli today I get
    ❯ passcards list
    No key undefined found
    I've synced the 1Password folder in ~/Dropbox/1Password
    It seems to be finding the keychain, because it is accepting my password... then spits out that message...
    show -> same result
    @robertknight ^
    Robert Knight

    Hi @asbjornenge

    Looking at the code this might be caused by having
    an item in your 1Password folder which doesn't specify
    which encryption key it uses.

    Can you try running the following in ~/Dropbox/1Password/1Password.agilekeychain/data/default:

    grep --files-without-match 'securityLevel' *

    And see whether it lists any files ending in '.1password'.
    If it does, could you have a quick look at that file, make sure there is nothing sensitive there that is unencrypted (the unencrypted data includes the item title and primary website URL, the login details are in the encrypted payload) and upload it?

    Oh, and thanks for using the app :)
    Asbjorn Enge
    @robertknight uploaded priv ;-) thanks!
    Alexander Praetorius
    can it work completely offline? i didn't look in detail yet. i was using mitro and recently switched to soho vault. They both had nice browser plugins, but if there was something, that was modular and that i could use in my own browser plugins, that keeps credentials strictly offline and if i choose to run a local server - it might offer the option to export/import my credentials to my local file system.
    Good day
    I've just installed passcards, and I'm having some troubles with one of my vaults
    one vault is working fine, but the other returns an error "VfsError: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '...../1Password/zauberfisch.agilekeychain/data/default/undefined.1password'"
    I'd be happy to report this bug or even look into it. But I have no idea where to start debugging it
    any pointers?
    ok, I figured out the problem
    one file in my fault was only containing an empty json object
    I will create a bug report
    actually found a related issue: robertknight/passcards#58