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Repo info
    I am trying to understand what is going wrong, but the required string property is in the object..
    the same setup and method call seems to work in the ./manage.py shell
    If something needs a fix, I am more than happy to submit a PR, but I need a little help understanding how that line works in the larger context
    Robin Edwards
    hi @inphosift_twitter can you provide a code snippet that is causing the issue?
    I would definitely suggest using the latest python 2.7 -> 2.7.13

    Hi and thank you for putting together this great library!

    I have a question about the NodeSet interface - is there any way to filter all members of a NodeSet that have relationships with another NodeSet?

    For example, given the following graph: [:Movie {genre: 'Action'}]<-[:PRODUCED_BY]-[:Studio {country: 'France'}], I can find all action movies with Movie.nodes.filter(genre='Action') - but how do I narrow that down to action movies produced by French studios? It looks like there is a stub for doing this through has(), but it is not implemented - is there some other way that I'm missing?

    Movie.nodes.has(has_production_firm=Studio.nodes.filter(country='France')) returns a NotImplementedError.

    For anyone that has had the same issue as me regarding linked relationships (above) - there is another neo4j OGM library (https://github.com/TwoBitAlchemist/NeoAlchemy) that offers this functionality. Note, however, that NeoAlchemy is updated less often (last commit was ~9mo ago) and latest version is not on PyPi, so it might not work for everyone.
    Timothée Mazzucotelli
    Yup it's not really maintained anymore: TwoBitAlchemist/NeoAlchemy#2
    Jurrian Tromp
    Hi! @robinedwards, I created an issue to add more support for backticks in cypher queries #292 however you once said in issue #156 that "The thing is they do break when they are mapped to python identifiers such as properties (RelManagers)", can you please respond to my issue and explain to me why that's the case? Thanks in advance.
    Charles LeDoux

    Hi. I was wondering if the changes present in https://github.com/systum/neomodel were intended to be merged into the main repo and published to pypi? If so, is there anything I can do to help?

    The changes in the systum repo are solving some issues I'm having in my production environment right now.

    Robin Edwards
    Hi Charlie, I have handed neomodel over to neo4j
    if systum raise a PR on the official neomodel repo for those changes someone will merge them
    @jurrian on second thoughts this could possibly work
    Hi, I'm learning neomodel and I have some questions. I read all the documentation but went you have to store information in a node or relationship from a modelForm, is't possible to do it in the same Form
    It's look like same than django model but I have difficulty to understande how can I store information in a node and relationship in same time. I think, some time, I will have to ...
    My objective is to work with django form and Store Data in neo4j with a easy way.
    Is there someone who have a complet exemple?
    Hi gurus! is there a way to connect nodes in batch? I know there is create_or_update() that creates the nodes in batch... but then I have to connect them and would love to find a way to do it in batch.
    Thank you in advance!
    hi, masters!
    Does anybody know that Bolt connector works ('bolt://neo4j:neo4j@localhost:7687') on Windows?
    Absolutely stooped error to connect by Neo4j (v3.3.5) from Django 2.0.6 : "neo4j.exceptions.AuthError: The client is unauthorized due to authentication failure."
    Anybody can help? Thx a lot!
    Hi all! Just started trying neomodel recently and been liking it a lot!
    Have some question regarding doing match queries by a relationship property that's an array of string (using ArrayProperty) - I've tried the filtering methods listed here https://neomodel.readthedocs.io/en/latest/queries.html#node-sets-and-filtering that made sense (e.g. in, contains), but neither of them seems to do what I want.
    exact works when I pass in the exact array, but I was wondering if there's a more flexible way to match/filter on items in the array property.
    or if cypher queries is the only way
    or should I avoid using the ArrayProperty if I want this flexibility
    Hi... Just trying to install and use neomodel for django but keep getting errors... right now when running "python manage.py install_label" I get an error Unknown command: 'install_labels'
    Miguel Vieira
    hi, i am trying to use neomodel with django, but everytime i try to retrive nodes i get the ModelDefinitionMismatch exception. creating nodes works without any issues. i am using neo4j 3.3.7, neomodel 3.3.0, django-neomodel 0.0.4, django 2.1.2. the labels were installed successfully. here is the source from models.py
    class SourceN(DjangoNode):
        title = StringProperty(unique_index=True)
    class Source(models.Model):
        title = models.CharField(max_length=128, unique=True)
        def __str__(self):
            return self.title
        def delete(self, *args, **kwargs):
            super(Source, self).delete(*args, **kwargs)
                source_n = SourceN.nodes.get_or_none(title=self.title)
                if source_n:
            except ModelDefinitionMismatch as e:
                logger.error('neomodel node class registry: {}'.format(
        def save(self, *args, **kwargs):
            super(Source, self).save(*args, **kwargs)
            SourceN.create_or_update({'title': self.title})
    any ideas/suggestions? thank you
    Robin B
    I had the same issue as @jmiguelv As far as I can tell this commit in the neomodel breaks it: https://github.com/neo4j-contrib/neomodel/commit/e3e4e4ea8f93923cf11817f89a229dea56f46be6#commitcomment-31025237
    Downgrading the neomodel version to 3.2.9 fixed the issue for me.
    Athanasios Anastasiou
    Hello, sorry, I have not been checking this channel very often. Regarding 3.3.0, please see this discussion here: neo4j-contrib/neomodel#378
    In general, I would advise against downgrading to 3.2.9, there are a number of things that were adjusted in 3.3.0. (Please see log)
    Aleksei Tcelishchev
    greetings one!
    looking for a way to generate models with neomodel on base of imported data
    is it possible?
    Hi, FYI I can't save nodes created with django_neomodel (including neomodel). I tried to downgrade in 3.2.13 without success.
    Same problem with 3.2.9. Neo4J version is 3.5.2. My problem is to get more logs and helping you. Any advices ?
    Sindre Smistad

    Is it possible to use Q filters on a relation? I have a model that looks like what shown below,
    and using a Q filter raises a TypeError. Doing a AND filter like user.bookmarks.filter(title__contains=query, url__contains=query)
    works as expected. Im using the latest version of neomodel, on Python 3.7

    class User(StructuredNode):
        uid = UniqueIdProperty()
        bookmarks = Relationship(Bookmark, 'SAVED')
    class Bookmark(StructuredNode):
        uid = UniqueIdProperty()
        url = StringProperty()
        title = StringProperty()
    user.bookmarks.filter(Q(title__contains=query) | Q(url__contains=query))

    Raises TypeError filter() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given

    Hi everyone! Im trying to connect neo4j with django using neomodel, but the library django_neomodel it seems without support anymore. Do you still recomend using it? Do you recomend build my own adapter? thanks!
    Hello I'm a new user, not sure if this is the right place to ask for help, my question is: how can I use the get_or_create() method if I have a ArrayProperty(StringProperty()) property?
    In the documentation ( https://neomodel.readthedocs.io/en/latest/batch.html ) there are not examples on how to do that.

    Is there a way to retrieve the values of StructuredRel properties in bulk?
    Let's say I have

    class MyLink(StructuredRel):
        weight = IntegerProperty()
    class MyNode(StructuredNode):
        name = StringProperty()
        neighbours = RelationshipTo('MyNode', 'NEIGHBOUR', model=MyLink)

    I'm looking for something akin to query_set.values_list(field1, field2) in django.
    Let's say I have some node, I'm looking for something like:

    some_node.neighbours.values_list('name', 'mylink__weight')

    Which would return something like

    [ ('node_k', 33), ('node_j', 12), ....]
    hey guys.. I am running into issues with neomodel v3.2.5 and neo4j v1.7.6
    neobolt.exceptions.CypherSyntaxError: The old parameter syntax {param} is no longer supported. Please use $param instead (line 1, column 18 (offset: 17))
    "CREATE (n:Person {create_params}) RETURN n"
    anyone knows if this has been resolved? I saw a thread talking about this over here:

    Hi Robin
    We are facing issues for insert new node in neo4j version 4
    I am using django_neomdel

    After call function .save()
    I am getting error this is old method

    Please tell me is it any way to Use django_neomodel with neo4j version 4 (latest)

    neobolt.exceptions.CypherSyntaxError: The old parameter syntax {param} is no longer supported. Please use $param instead (line 1, column 18 (offset: 17))
    "CREATE (n:Person {create_params}) RETURN n"

    Kamtochukwu Okafor
    @rohitkumar-kiwi were you able to figure this out. I am currently stuck with the same bug
    Do I have to build a model with Django-neomodel to create a user? Or Django uses its own model by default.