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Jun 2016
Shobhna Misra
Jun 07 2016 07:45
Hi. Is there any place in the insti where we can get Aluminium welded? It's gonna cost us a lot if we give it for welding outside...
Sravan Patchala
Jun 07 2016 09:39
can it not be done in the wrokshop thing? @sohamshanbhag
otheriwse, contact some worker in the insti who is welding currently, you can get it dine by him as we;;
Meet Udeshi
Jun 07 2016 11:46
aluminium welding is a different process, you need a oxyactylene torch i think. siddhant had done it for xlr8 if i remember
remember rajni robo :P ?
Sravan Patchala
Jun 07 2016 12:09
Yup :D
Soham Shanbhag
Jun 07 2016 12:11
TCTD had TIG welding, you can ask them if it is poosible