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Repo info
    Instead it can be $HOME/robocomp/robocomp.
    Pawan Wadhwani
    @sroopsai and @vangorade this is not an error, In the installation steps did you do this?
    sudo ln -s ~ /home/robocomp
    Esteban Martinena Guerrero
    Is there anyone around here with good experience with modern cmake?
    hello can anyone help me with this error
    Command rcis not found
    Any help please?
    Esteban Martinena Guerrero
    switch to "main" branch of robocomp and try the install process again, please
    7 replies
    has anyone tried this command? sudo cp TriangleFunctor /usr/include/osg
    I'm getting this error: cannot stat 'TriangleFunctor': No such file or directory. Any help?
    Any idea if this is normal? after running risc
    how do I do these two steps?
    I'm getting an error when I type these commands
    any help pls?
    Abhishek Jaiswal

    Hello everyone,
    Can someone help me in solving the issue, I would be highly thankful

    While getting in to the command : sudo apt-get install python3-pip python3-setuptools python3-pyparsing=2.2.0+dfsg1-2 python3-numpy python3-libxml2 python3-xmltodict python3-zeroc-ice
    I face an error saying : E: Version '2.2.0' for 'python3-pyparsing' was not found
    But, while for confirmation with code python3 -c "import pyparsing; print(pyparsing.version)",it shows me the version 2.2.0.

    But, I am not sure if the pyparsing was installed correctly or not as I get up the same error every time despite the correct version installed.

    Can anyone tell me about how to submit final proposal and where to submit it?
    Saurabh Suresh Powar
    spnetic-5@spnetic5-GF63-Thin-9SCXR:~/LearnBlock$ LearnBlock
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/usr/bin/LearnBlock", line 3, in <module>
    from learnbot_dsl.learnbotCode.LearnBlock import *
    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'learnbot_dsl'
    Dina Sh
    Hi can someone please explain to me how to start rcremoteserver and rcmanagersimple?
    Kunal Mahatha
    hello everyone I am new to opensource and (robocomp and LearnBlock). So can anyone suggest me how to familiarise with the framework.
    Esteban Martinena Guerrero
    Hello Kunal!
    Have you previously worked with github?
    Kunal Mahatha
    Yes, but not for long
    Fernando Martin
    Hi, i am trying to compile AGM for my project and i am getting the following error: fatal error: osgQt/GraphicsWindowQt: No existe el archivo o el directorio
    7 | #include <osgQt/GraphicsWindowQt>
    compilation terminated.
    After some research i realize than now the libraries have changed from osgQt/GraphicsWindowQt to another name after a QT update. I was told that maybe people that works with the Robocomp main core could help me with this problem. Any advice?
    Esteban Martinena Guerrero
    @fernan12345 I have read your message, but I don't know about this change. Maybe you can ask in the https://github.com/openscenegraph repository. It looks like the maintain the https://github.com/openscenegraph/osgQt
    There's no plan to update OsgQt
    Anyway, your error looks like your compiler doesn't find the osgQt at all... have you tried to install it?
    Esteban Martinena Guerrero
    I have also looked for osgqt in robocomp organization repos and I can't find any reference:
    Maybe the next step would be to ask in the AGM repository: https://github.com/ljmanso/AGM/issues
    Esteban Martinena Guerrero
    This is a lib in the robocomp repo: https://github.com/robocomp/robocomp/tree/development/libs/osgviewer I'm not very related to its development, but maybe this helps you somehow.
    Fernando Martin
    My problem is not with robocomp itself, but wih AGM( a program that works on robocomp). The thing is that it uses an old osgQt libray, GraphicsWindowQt, thats it is not in the actual version of osgQt. I solved the problem installing this old version as a temporal fix
    here i got the old version. As you can see in osgQT/include, GraphicsWindowQt is there. THis is the library that i need. I just write this here because maybe someone have a similar problem in the future. Thanks for the help
    Esteban Martinena Guerrero
    Probably the next step would be to replace the GraphicsWindowQt with something that is currently being maintained... Maybe you can do a Pull Request with a change to AGM.
    Fernando Martin
    thanks, i will speak it with my mentor
    Vansh Sharma
    Hello Everyone, I am Vansh Sharma, currently pursuing my B. Tech in Information Technology. I have experience in Machine learning, Deep learning, and Artificial Intelligence. I would love to connect with mentors.
    Esteban Martinena Guerrero
    @vanshxsharma_twitter you are welcome!
    If you have any questions about robocomp you can ask here. There are a lot of contributors who can help. You can also take a look to the tutorials on github.
    Let me know if you need any further information.
    Hello. I am a student of the Belarusian State University. I have extensive experience in developing algorithms for robots for Coppeliasim and Mathlab.
    I have several projects developed by me.
    I spoke with one of them at a Japanese conference on robotics. The essence of the project: a swarm of drones, distribution of tasks, flight along given routes (follow named path), obstacle flight.
    I was interested in the problem GSOC 2022 "Self-adaptive controllers for following the path". I would like to contribute to this project. Is it possible to discuss this with someone? I can't find a mentor for this task : NoƩ Zapata. Help!!!!
    Hello I am Sai Kiran Naidu from India studying my 3rd year b.tech in computer science and engineering . I have experience in contributing to open source . I had gone through the gsoc2022 idealist . "7. Human activity detection and recognition from skeleton views"and "10.Reinforcement Learning for pick and place operations" looking interesting because I have enough knowledge to implement those two projects. Can anyone help me out in contributing to one of the projects?
    Laukik Avhad

    Hello everyone, I'm a TY in Electronics and Telecommunication. While installing the software, I came across an error while compilation. After I would run the make command, I got the following error.

    Scanning dependencies of target ICES__home_laukik_robocomp_tools_rclogger_src
    idsl=>ice: Generating /home/laukik/robocomp/interfaces/CommonBehavior.ice from /home/laukik/robocomp//interfaces//IDSLs//CommonBehavior.idsl
    /bin/sh: 1: robocompdsl: not found
    make[2]: *** [tools/rclogger/src/CMakeFiles/ICES__home_laukik_robocomp_tools_rclogger_src.dir/build.make:58: ICES__home_laukik_robocomp_tools_rclogger_src] Error 127

    I understand that the robocompdsl is missing. So as I thought I might have made some errors while the prior steps, so I repeated the steps again to get the same error. Does anyone know how to get through with this?

    Shivaram .
    @laukikk I am also having the same issue when I tried to install.
    Shivaram .
    Screenshot from 2022-03-23 13-09-58.png
    When I tried to test the installation by running rcis, I am getting this error, Please help
    1 reply
    Nasik Muhammad Nafi
    Hi I am Nasik Muhammad Nafi, a Computer Science Ph.D. Student at Kansas State University, USA. My research interest lies in the intersection of computer vision, reinforcement learning, and intelligent agents. For GSoC 2022, I am interested in the idea "10. Reinforcement Learning for pick and place operations". I have a decent background in RL. My current research focuses on faster adaptation and generalization in RL. My work "Attention-based Partial Decoupling of Policy and Value for Generalization in Reinforcement Learning" has been presented in the Deep RL Workshop at NeurIPS 2021. Based on the description of the task, there is an existing grasping algorithm in place that utilize multiple force and distance sensors. How can I know the details of that algorithm?
    Hello everyone, my name is Parul. I started my college journey this month. I am really interested in learning about how open source works and contributing in this organization. It would be really helpful if someone can guide me on from where to begin.