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Shyam Ganatra

I am here looking to join robocomp for GSOC and would like to work on Webots integration with RoboComp.
can anyone help me to get started working on this? @orensbruli

I'm not related to that Idea. Have you tried to contact the mentors of that particular idea?

Ronit Jorvekar, Daniel Rodríguez are mentors for this project but I didn't find anyone on Gitter so I thought of just asking you. Anyways I'll just drop a mail to them.
Thank you for the response.

Sudip Ghosh
Hi, l wanted to know from when can we start submitting our proposals for gsoc ?
Vaibhav Mudgal
Thank you @nishendrax for the source.
Balajinaidu V

Hello everyone

@orensbruli I'm interested in this project

can we discuss more about this??
Trung Ngo
@Kanav-7 I want to ask about some detailed requirements for the "sign language recognition" project:
  • Body and Hand detection: it will detect a single person (1 body + 2 hands) or multiple ones.
  • Are there any requirements about speed (Frame/S) and machine capacity constrain.
    If possible, I want to expand the project a bit, not only for sign language, but also other sign commands
iam Aly Ramzy , Senior Computer Engineer at Cairo University ,
iam interested in :
An object detection component for LearnBlock
Computer vision for detecting elements of a vehicle’s environment with RoboComp
Any notes or guidance ?
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Esteban Martinena Guerrero
The quicker way to get information about the projects is to directly write the related mentors.
But I think any mentor would ask you if you have followed the Robocomp tutorials first, so you can start with that.
Let me know if you have any other question. And welcome!

Hi, l wanted to know from when can we start submitting our proposals for gsoc ?

I think the best you can do is to start with your proposal, share it with the related mentors and ask them for guidance.

You will be iterating on that document until the deadline.
If you have a final version of a proposal, then you have to wait for GSOC to open the form to submit final proposals.
hi i have a problem installing PyRep https://github.com/stepjam/PyRep#pyrep--- this command pip3 install . give me this error
Pawan Wadhwani
Hey @78mohamed you should check your coppeliasim's path can you share the output of

Hi, l wanted to know from when can we start submitting our proposals for gsoc ?

@sudipg4112001 proposal submission start from 29th March onwards and you can submit at GSOC website itself

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Can someone please explain this and how to fix this error?
Can someone please explain this and how to fix this error?
1 reply
Bhavishya Pandit
Hey, all!
It's good to be here with you all!
My name is Bhavishya Pandit. I am a machine learning enthusiast and I have been working with it for 2 years now. I have worked in various domains like deep learning, image processing and NLP. I am a part of various communities and have been contributing actively. With that said, I have ungaugable affection for communities and organisations working with machine learning techniques and building systems that would advance the community. This gives me a belief to state that I wish to contribute to RoboComp and be an avid member of the community.
Umer Jamil

Hey everyone,

Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.

I am currently pursuing my Master's in Robotics from NUST Pakistan and working in the research area of Reinforcement Learning. I have a strong background in Deep Learning, RL, Comp Vision, and Robotics. Also, have experience implementing Reinforcement Learning papers as well in PyTorch/OpenAI Gym.

Regarding the project, I am specifically interested in the project titled: Deep Reinforcement Learning for precise robot grasping and object manipulation. By chance, I already have done a literature review of recent research papers and approaches on this project 1-2 months back. Therefore, I am very excited to apply for this project.

These days, I am exploring the robocomp's codebase and last work related to this project.

Any suggestions or reading material is welcome :)

Thank you.

Bhavishya Pandit
@orensbruli sir, I really appreciate you solving everyone's queries. I would like to state my motive as to get familiarised with RoboComp and starting my journey to contribute to RoboComp from GSoC'21. I aim to learn a lot of things whilst being a student developer for RoboComp under GSoC'21 and then contribute to the organisation whilst and after GSoC too. I am interested in Sign Language Recognition and have researched the datasets for it too. I have also shared the details including the research paper, dataset details and the approach with the mentor of the project, @Kanav-7 sir. I have also programmed a basic workflow to carry out while training the neural network. However, I am new to RoboComp's package and wanted to know whether it can be used on windows as I see only ubuntu mentioned in the docs. Thanks.
@bhav09 robocomp is only on Ubuntu as of now. You can use virtual machine or dual boot your existing system
Yudhik Agrawal
Hello everyone!, I am Yudhik Agrawal and I am a final year research student at IIIT Hyderabad. I have worked been working in Computer Vision and Robotics domains for the past 3 years, which has helped me gain a considerable amount of experience. I am currently following the tutorials about components listed on the GitHub tutorial page. I am specifically interested in "Monocular Depth Estimation from RGB signals" and "Hand gesture recognition". I am currently exploring the Robocomp's codebase and have started figuring out the SOTA work related to the aforementioned projects. It would be great if someone can guide me on how should I start contributing.
@orensbruli @pawanw17 @Kanav-7 Can you guys please help me. If I started running a detection component it shows the component is running. So, Basically component should be detecting something from a image/video feed. But after running a component what else should I need to do in order to test the component ? or will it be displayed automatically after running that component ? I can't understand this notion. For me nothing came after running.
Vaibhaw Khemka
@SAIGANESH02 Run the Client part as well in test for displaying the component output along with component.
Pablo Bustos
Hello Yudhik and welcome to the RoboComp community. After completing the basic tutorials you should contact the mentors of the projects you are interested in.
Yudhik Agrawal
Glad to be part of the community @pbustos. I am making good progress with the tutorials and will be approaching mentors very soon with some great ideas for the respective projects.
Are there any tutorials for LearnBlock?
Akshansh Malviya
Hi Everyone!
I am Akshansh, a sophomore currently pursuing my bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
I am interested in the Deep Reinforcement Learning For Grasping and Manipulation Project, and am currently familiarizing myself with the software.
I had a question, and pardon me since it is not related to the specifics of the project.
Robocomp is an Open Source Robotics Framework, that is made to help people in creating robots/simulations (correct me if I'm wrong)
I'm new to Open Source Organisations and Contributing,
I wish to know what motivates a project like this (DRL), like, is it meant as a showcase example in Robocomp.
Screenshot from 2021-03-22 12-48-31.png
How to fix this error?
Hansheng GUO
Hi @ZeoDarkflame , the error information shows no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Maybe you can try to reinstall the application to fix.
Esteban Martinena Guerrero

Screenshot from 2021-03-22 12-48-31.png

You can export QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=1 and export QT_TESTING=true before running the previous command and you would get much more information about what is happening to qt. Probably some library is not installed.

2 replies
I am planning to participate in gsoc-21. Is there any priority order for gsoc-21 ideas?
Mohamed Shawky
Hello @ZeoDarkflame ,
Regarding your question, the main motivation behind this project can be summarized as follows :
  • Having an complete perception and grasping pipeline that relies on learning (more specifically Deep Learning).
  • Extending the pose estimation and grasping project done last year to have full control on the robot arm (without using the simulator IK solver).
Akshansh Malviya
@DarkGeekMS ,
I guess I understand why you are gravitating towards RL, one more thing I would like to ask is, is this project going to include implementation of a few SOTA algorithms and comparing them in this setting, or its about achieving the best possible results on the arm.
Plus, would you recommend that someone like me take up this project, I recently finished studying Policy Gradient Methods, but am yet to read papers on the famous algorithms like A3C, SAC etc.
Mohamed Shawky
I think the project timeline won't allow the student to implement more than one algorithm along with its refinement and integration. So, I think it would be better to review the related literature and stick with one methodology.
Moreover, anyone with some RL knowledge and familiarity with basic Deep Learning should be good to go with this project. However, the more knowledge and understanding of literature you have, the more chance you have of landing a good proposal for this one.
Vikram Bharadwaj
When should i start preparing a proposal ??
Esteban Martinena Guerrero
@vkrm1612 Most people is already preparing their proposals and sharing with mentors to get it reviewed, so you can start whenever you know what ideas you are interested in.
Vikram Bharadwaj
Today i completed my semester exams,from today i can work/start on proposal
Am i late ?
Esteban Martinena Guerrero
No, I don't think so!
The official dates are
March 29 18:00 UTC Student application period begins
April 13 18:00 UTC Student application deadline
Hansheng GUO
I wonder what should be included in the proposal. Since on the RoboComp webpage of GSoC, it says we only need submit schedule and some codes. Do I need to add some ideas of my own to the proposal? Would that be better?