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    Carlos Melo
    This message was deleted
    Leonardo Otto
    Hello there. Anyone have problemas with robolectric? In my project they not found my sytle for v7 compat library.
    Bubunyo Nyavor
    is there support for api 23 yet?
    Sibelius Seraphini
    I'm trying to mock System.currentTimeMillis
    but System call are not being intercept by Roboeletric
    any workaround this?
    Dmitrii Gerasimov
    @sibeliusseraphini on rare occasions I really need this I use dependency injection and just mock my CustomTimeProvider
    Sibelius Seraphini
    Thanks, @karlicoss. I've decided to use dependency injection with dagger 2 and having a TimeProvider and it worked great
    Dmitrii Gerasimov
    Scott Pierce
    So I've been encountering a ton of issues with Robolectric and PowerMock
    I'm having to ignore large parts of my code so that the classloaders don't clash
    I haven't dealt with classloaders much, but surely there must be a better way?
    hello guys
    How should I start with Robolectric? I want to unit test a service which extends from a JobService
    should I use the RObolectricTestRunner or the AndroidJUnit4? Are there good examples?
    which dependencies when using gradle 4.1 and SDK 27?
    how to use it together with PowerMockito?
    Stefano Pacifici
    Hi everyone, are PopupWindow(s) supported? I have a test that correctly create a PopupWindow, but the latter doesn't get the window focus (View.hasWindowsFocus()) neither checks for displayed (onView(withId(R.id.view1)).check(matches(isDisplayed()))
    Akshay Nandwana
    Is this the active robolectric Gitter channel?