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Brian Freytag
inside of there we have a docs and a finance directory that were there when we deployed the code the first time
we now have a new subdirectory inside of uploads uploads/receipts but no matter what I do, it won't be added to the shared directory
I had to manually add the uploads/receipts
I tried to deploy a website that use rocketeer as a Laravel 4 package. But After deployment the live website is not working anymore. Rocketeer Service provider throw an exception saying it cannot find the user home directory
Can someone help me please ?
The website was done by previous developers and I've never used rocketeer as package but always outside without including it as service provider
So, I'm wondering what I should do for fix this problem
Toan Nguyen
Is this project still alive?
+1 as reported by @GMaxera above.
Steven Klar
How active is rocketeers, thought about using it but dev branch does not seem to work right now?
Emma Fabre
@stevenklar it's still maintained but I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to it atm, if you need a package that is hands on (ie where if you open an issue you get an answer quick) I'd suggest something else for now like Deployer maybe
(if you want to stay in PHP of course, otherwise the usual apply, Capistrano etc)
Steven Klar
@Anahkiasen allright, thanks!
Hello, guys. I have an issue with enabling plugins. I've downloaded plugin for newrelic https://github.com/houseofdross/rocketeer-newrelic, installed it and added to plugins section in my config.php, but it didn't call. What am i doing wrong?
$ rocketeer -V Rocketeer version 2.2.5 $ rocketeer plugin:list +----------------------------------------------+ | Plugin | +----------------------------------------------+ | Rocketeer\Plugins\Newrelic\RocketeerNewrelic | +----------------------------------------------+
here is the part from config.php
'plugins' => [ RocketeerNewrelic::class, ],
i've tried to create my own plugin also, and just add some debug lines there for output, but it hadn't called also
Brian Freytag
Is there any way to suppress the output of a command?
for example, I'm running commands to get the deployment information from aws codedeploy and I don't want to get ALL of the info, just the status
so I do something like this:
do {
                    $deployment = json_decode($task->runForCurrentRelease('aws deploy get-deployment --deployment-id ' . $deploymentId . ' 2>&1'), true);

                    $status = $deployment['deploymentInfo']['status'];

                    echo $status . "...\n";

                    if ($status === 'Failed') {
                        $task->halt('The AWS Deployment Failed!');

                } while (!in_array($status, ['Failed', 'Succeeded']));
but every time it loops through, it echos the ENTIRE json response
I tried adding the 2>&1 thinking that might work, but it doesn't
Brian Freytag
@Anahkiasen If you're around, I'd appreciate some help here
Renato Parreira
Is this project abandoned?
Hi everybody.
I'm using rocketeer to deploy source code and got one issue.
To connect web server (use SSH) via Bastion server.
How to configure in rocketeer to deploy.
Thank you for your support.
Nuttapon Pramoolsin
Hi. Guys
Can i ask some questions about Task timeout
Zhu Ming

I am using Rocketeer 2.2.5. If I define the following in config.php:

return [
    'on' => [
        'connections' => [
            'production' => [
                'remote' => [
                    'root_directory' => '/some/folder',
                    'app_directory'  => '/another/folder',

How do I get this information within an event, such as in events.php:

Rocketeer::addTaskListeners('deploy', 'before-symlink', function ($task) {
    $task->connections->getConnection();  // this returns only a string, like 'production'

How do I get the value for root_directory and app_directory?

Emma Fabre
@blackpuppy It's been a while but I think getCurrentConnection is the one returning an object
should have the config on it, otherwise I think there's a task->config service
Zhu Ming
@Anahkiasen Thanks! Let me try.
Zhu Ming
$task->connections->getCurrentConnection(); // PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Rocketeer\Services\Connections\ConnectionsHandler::getCurrentConnection() in ...
Emma Fabre
ah yeah sorry i'm looking at develop :D
getConnectionCredentials maybe?
Zhu Ming
ya, trying the methods on ConnectionsHandler
Zhu Ming
no, ConnectionsHandler’s methods only returns connections but not on.connections from config.php
Zhu Ming

It worked previously. I changed the server’s SSH port to a non-standard one. And changed the port in Rocketeer's connection accordingly, but got this error:

Unable to connect to remote server.
With credentials:

How could I troubleshoot?
Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Ken Depelchin
Is this community still alive? I'm using rocketeer for a side project for a few years, and I'm switching laptops and saw that the latest release was from 2017
great project, really having fun using it
Zhu Ming
Yes, quite comfortable to work with. But I am stuck with PHP 5.6, so maybe cannot upgrade to the latest version. And I cannot find a solution to custom SSH port, so I switched to deployer.
Ken Depelchin
I messaged the founder of this package (Emma) en she told me that we probably should move to Deployer. But I just installed a new laptop and the rocketeer config was almost nothing. Love it
Ken Depelchin
@blackpuppy is deployer easy to set up?
Zhu Ming
Deployer is quite easy to use. I had no difficulty in deploying a PHP 5.6 application even using an old version of Deployer.
Ken Depelchin
I deployed PHP5.6 applications with rocketeer, but it's been a while. Currently deploying php 7 for a small project
Can someone help me with this error

test/0 | Deploy (Deploys the website)

The "0" option does not exist.