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Repo info
    Vagner Rodrigues
    How to use the theme Sage?
    Jon Concepcion
    The best theme starter ever!
    Michal Landsman
    Hello, are someone here?
    Hans Martin Galliker
    Jean-Philippe Sirois
    I don't think this is very active, hmm?
    Herus Armstrong
    There's a discussion board on trellis/bedrock/sage pages
    that's why, I believe.
    But I like the idea of a chat room to discuss in real-time
    Jean-Philippe Sirois
    ok :)
    Hello everyone! Can anyone please help me understand why I can't run gulp on a fresh sage 8.5.0 install?
    Do Ha Son
    Hope this room would be active soon
    Michal Landsman
    Hello guys, are someone here?
    I am looking for Sage Widget example.
    Are have someone some snippet? Thx
    i want advise from you all i have to make real estate portal for college project can anyone tell me how i can make it at the fastest pace and easily and which softwares i have to use? please help me guys
    is anybody here?
    Ivan Skiridomov
    Hello. I have install 9.0.0-rc3 but there is no index.php or styles css in root. When I mount theme dir into /themes/ in WP, wp writes there is no style.css. What is current workflow to make sage theme installable ?
    Jean-Philippe Sirois
    The css is compiled
    Ricky Green
    Morning all, looking for a bit of help if anyone would be able to give me a couple of minutes?
    I'm using sageTimber starter theme, i'm really trying to get my head around the search section
    Adis Durakovic

    hi guys... trying to install sage with composer on my docker machine and get the following error:

    error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed

    found nothing in google regarding this error, so any help is appreciated ;-)
    it also says: Failed to enable crypto
    Hi guys, are there any conventions for file naming of js route files in sage 9?
    js files in scripts/util/ are both cammel and upper case and all routes appear to be lowercase. So not sure where Sage is going with this.
    @iljamm It looks like to me that they're expecting lowercase with hyphen separators
    @iljamm e.g. post-types.php
    Tobias Helsing
    Hey guys! how do i disable the webpack middleware overlay?
    Or change the settings for sass, it's complaining over small things "Expected single space after "," in a single-line function"? can't i just be free and put spaces wherever the f i want? :'D
    Austen Cameron
    @Tuuben did you ever figure out the answer to that question?
    Tobias Helsing
    @austenc yes, it was because of stylelint, so i removed it from webpack. And atleast now it doesn't show ':D
    Engkus Kusnadi
    hey guys, I just want know, how much percent Sage 9 progress?
    Rob Record
    Hello lovely people
    I'm looking for some help in integrating Pattern Lab 2 into Sage. There are several steps, but one of them is letting Sage be okay with Mustache inside Blade files. I know this is possible because these guys have done it: http://cognition.happycog.com/article/solr-laravel-pattern-lab-more-buzzwords
    But they are using the full install of Laravel it seems. I was hoping to talk to someone who understand how much of Laravel has been included in Sage, and wheteher there's enough to add this custom addition.
    Looks like this room is pretty quiet. Do any Sage devs come in here ever?
    Emmanuel Akodia
    hello guys i need urgent help! Im using wp residence theme and im trying to cange the hyperlink of an "add listing" button but it has refused. Can anyone please help me out
    Asbjørn Dyhrberg Thegler
    Hey there. New to Sage here - I just inherited a theme I need to maintain. I am struggeling with using the development tools such as browsersync. I haven't managed to find any good resource for explaining how the setup should be. Do I need a local installation of WordPress? What is the intended use? Am I just looking in the wrong place? :)
    hi, it's maybe more a WP question.. but is it possible for custom template to have extra inputs when editing page? like adding main image to page?
    Hi @FrEaKmAn
    Is this channel for Sage 100 cloud?
    Rob Record
    Hi fantasticDev, no its for the sage theme for WordPress by Roots
    Hello everyone, I am new to this group, I have a query over how can I customize font size/ font weight of header or footer text with function?
    hi I'm just fixing a client's website for PHP 7.4 that uses ~9.0.0-beta.4 .. I've noticed some issues where they've defined a function in app/controllers/app.php eg function contact and then referenced it in a partial eg {!! $contact['address'] !!} but this doesn't seem to wire up in PHP 7.4... any suggestions please for a quick fix

    the body has classes app-data and front-page-data .. should both controllers App (app/controllers/app.php) and FrontPage (app/controllers/front-page.php) run?

    Ah i think I see the issue.. he should have called them App.php and FrontPage.php